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These guys are amazing, diligent workers. They packed the van efficiently and handled everything with care. Arrived promptly and worked non-stop. Highly recommend! Our second move with this company, and even better the second time.

  • Amia C.
  • 20Jul 2024

The move was conducted with incredible efficiency from start to finish. The team was notably helpful, kind, and positive. Moving is usually stressful, but they made it really easy. We would surely use them again - brilliant!

  • Titus Cox
  • 15Jul 2024

The Ireland crew was punctual, efficient, and very professional. Their teamwork was commendable, and the move was finished quickly. They fulfilled all of the landlord's strict requirements and ensured all was perfect before leaving. I would certainly use them again.

  • Damon C.
  • 29May 2024

The moving team was absolutely fantastic! They were so polite, courteous, and attentive to our needs.

  • Ayanna Bassett
  • 09Apr 2024

These movers were prompt, efficient and professional, I highly recommend them for anyone looking to move.

  • Tyree D.
  • 21Mar 2024

The movers handled my move with precision and care, leaving me worry-free.

  • Leeann Reece
  • 16Mar 2024

The team at Ireland showed up on time, treated my property with respect, and provided outstanding service throughout the entire move.

  • Quinlan Rodrigues
  • 11Mar 2024

A big thank you to this amazing moving company for making my move stress-free and easy! Their promptness and careful work exceeded my expectations.

  • Brianna M.
  • 16Feb 2024

I am thoroughly impressed with this service! My packages were delivered without any damage and on time as expected. The staff did an amazing job. I highly suggest giving them a try for their unbeatable prices and exceptional service.

  • Aja Nettles
  • 11Feb 2024

Reliable moving company - secured for their reliability and punctuality during our local relocation in the diverse city of London.

  • C. South
  • 06Feb 2024

When it comes to moving, Removal Company is my top choice for their consistent timeliness and thorough preparation using all essential equipment.

  • Y. Bobo
  • 01Feb 2024

When it comes to moving efficiently and without any issues or damages, there's no better choice than Ireland! Highly recommended!

  • T. Guajardo
  • 27Jan 2024

Removals to Ireland was highly recommended to me by a trusted source and they delivered outstanding service.

  • Cassandra D.
  • 22Jan 2024

The removal crew were in high spirits, exceptionally experienced, mindful, thoughtful, respectful and didn't let anything get to them.

  • L. Musser
  • 18Dec 2023

First time ever trying out a certified removal firm and it proved to be worth every penny spent! Removals to Ireland showed commendable professionalism and did an amazing job from start to finish.

  • Suzanne Kaiser
  • 24Feb 2023

I saved more than a few pounds by using Removals Ireland's removal services. They have the lowest rates around. I will be recommending.

  • Shreya K.
  • 10Jun 2019

Moving Company went above and beyond the call of duty leaving no stone unturned to ensure I was put at ease and was happy with the experience. I never thought that moving house could be so stress-free.

  • J. Lehmann
  • 20Mar 2018

Removals did an outstanding job! They provided me with an office removal service that was more than affordable. The move went smoothly with no damages!

  • Andres P.
  • 25Nov 2016

I would just like to pass on my regards to IrelandRemovals for helping me with my office move. I had a number of private and confidential files and documents that needed moving and the whole team were very respectful of the privacy of our clients and got on with the job, no questions asked. A big thanks to the three individuals who helped with the unloading and unpacking of my items into my new office space.

  • K. Lowry
  • 17Mar 2015

Guys, you get a five-starred rating from me - and that's so because you really deserved it. You are hard-working, timely, polite and professional and when it comes to removals services, there's nothing anyone could have asked for. If I add this to the fact that your quote was much lower than I had planned, you would deserve a 10/5 -starred rating, really. Keep up the good job, IrelandRemovals !

  • Kyleigh Penn
  • 29Jan 2015

When I moved house I was trying to fit in all the costs with my tight budget. The removals were probably going to be the most expensive of them all. Finding IrelandRemovals was a great relief to me. They can work around most budgets and timescales. One of the things that I really appreciated with them is that they will tailor make the best service for their clients and this is really takes the stress out of the whole move.

  • A. Kraft
  • 18Sep 2014

I have the great pleasure of telling all reading this that IrelandRemovals are brilliant! They made a great job of our recent home removal, and I was extremely pleased with how it all went. From moving everything with care, to getting the job done in a matter of hours, it was a completely effortless job, and I was surprised by how easily it all happened! You can't really underestimate the need for a decent removals team when you are moving house, so try them out!

  • Monique O.
  • 10Sep 2014

It's a real shame I can't offer before and after photos to accompany my review. When IrelandRemovals turned up my house was a complete mess with stuff half-packed and semi-arranged - only an hour later, it was completely empty, save for a number of moving boxes. It was like a magic trick! They then proceeded to swiftly deposit everything in the moving van. Incredibly polite bunch of guys who loved what they were doing , clearly! Thanks so much for all your help.

  • Alexandro Paige
  • 11Jun 2014

This is the first online review I've ever written (I might be new to this internet business, but I'm getting on a bit). Major, major thanks to the guys who just helped me move to a new flat! It's a cliché, but I genuinely could not have done it without your help! IrelandRemovals sounded right up my alley when they said they had experience working with pensioners, and very quickly I gained a lot of confidence in their abilities. They gave me premium care at a decent price. Good on them! Highly recommended.

  • Coleman B.
  • 22May 2014

Having never really thought much about what makes a good removal, I feel like I have a pretty good idea now, as IrelandRemovals gave such a good show of it on Sunday last week! We were dreading the move until they got involved, and their expertise really did go a long way towards ensuring that we were looked after, as well as the move going really well. There is very little that we would do differently, and the price was incredibly good value, so all in all, a great result!

  • Aditya Mears
  • 08May 2014

What a fantastic service! IrelandRemovals were recommended to me by a friend and I don't know whether to thank the friend or the guys who actually did the moving, so I've settled on thanking both. The whole team were hugely helpful when it came to making sure that all of my treasured possessions (and the not so treasured ones as well) were safe and sound in the new home in no time at all. You can always tell when a company really knows what they're doing and that's the feeling I got from these guys.

  • Pauline Devine
  • 23Apr 2014

I am happy to say that our recent removal went extremely well, under the helpful and knowledgable eye of the staff from IrelandRemovals . They were there to help us plan the whole thing, and then carried it off with a great amount of ease and safety, which certainly put me at rest about the whole thing! You will no doubt find that there are a great many things that you can do and worry about in order to ensure that you get the move sorted before you even start planning, but it would likely be easier to talk to these guys about it first, save yourself the effort!

  • Cheyenne B.
  • 16Apr 2014

IrelandRemovals managed to make sure I had everything that I needed for my house move - including a storage unit as well! I was moving into a smaller home and needed to put some things into storage, and not only did I manage to hire a great removal van that was just perfect for the job, but I also got a great deal on a secure storage facility. This is a truly excellent company and they really took the time to listen to my needs. The customer service was unparalleled, the prices were right up my street and I managed to move really easily and without any stress at all! Very impressive!

  • Darby Guerra
  • 03Apr 2014

I was moving to a bigger house and had a lot of heavy furniture to shift and as I had a bad back I knew I needed a firm to do a lot of the heavy work. My brother told me of a company he had used a lot. IrelandRemovals were on the ball from the start. We sorted a date for the packing, and the following day it was loaded on the lorry, and delivered a few streets away to my new house and all off loaded. The guys worked hard, and took good care of my things. The price was reasonable too.

  • C. Larue
  • 27Mar 2014

Wanted to come on here and say thanks to IrelandRemovals for all they help they gave us when it came to our big move. I say big move, it was for us, but for the professionals I bet it was fairly run of the mill. Nevertheless, they welcomed us in, helped us with every aspect of the move and did their best to ensure that we were well taken care of. They took what was to us a complicated process and made it really easy, so I wanted to come on here and say a big thanks for helping.

  • Bailee Dunne
  • 19Mar 2014

I see that IrelandRemovals are already receiving a lot of praise for their abilities. It's certainly deserved, especially after the help they managed to provide me. I bet most removals companies hate seeing me - I've got a load of really heavy objects which are far from easy to shift. They took it all in their stride, however, and we were moved into the new property in no time at all. With their help, I managed to get a great moving day and all at a great price. So the praise is certainly warranted.

  • Blaine Lim
  • 05Mar 2014

I was terrified that I'd be laughed out of the building by any removal company I tried to hire, with just how many large and awkward things I had to move so far. So you can imagine my relief when IrelandRemovals came back to me with a really incredibly low quote. I had to double check just what I wanted. It wasn't until I was at home, in the new property, with all of my things in one piece that I realised just how amazing a deal I had gotten, so I thought I'd just drop by and say a really big thank you to the team who helped me out.

  • Joanna Dawson
  • 28Feb 2014

I have always found finding a decent removal company to help me move house something of a pain. It's a bit of a minefield, and in the past we have had jobs that have varied hugely in quality. So when a colleague recommended IrelandRemovals after a good experience I was pretty pleased. I took her up on that recommendation and booked them for a full team removal, and it was a great decision. They did a superb job, so much so that rather than recommend to other friends and colleagues I thought I would jump online and praise the service for all to see. Thanks guys.

  • Nikhil Slade
  • 17Feb 2014

Every few years, when we move, we would go through a long arduous process of trying to find the right removals team, finding quote services and all of that. For the last two moves though, we've actually stuck with IrelandRemovals , as we've yet to hear of anyone better. Their name was first passed along to us by an old friend, and I can certainly say that they were right when they said we'd have nothing to worry about. Everything they did meant that the move was carried out carefully and efficiently. Excellent service, thanks.

  • Xzavier Vela
  • 06Feb 2014

IrelandRemovals are definitely the best movers in town; and now we do sound like everyone else but after our recent move we know why they receive such high praise. They were charming, professional, helpful, polite and darn quick! The surpassed even our highest expectations, by lunchtime all of our belongings were safely delivered to our new flat. All the boxes were put in the correct areas of the home, beds and other furniture was set up and all without a single bump, scratch or breakage. Truly impressive! Is all I can say about these movers; I will use them again without a second thought.

  • M. Sandberg
  • 31Jan 2014

I was really worried about packing my house up in preparation for my move. Last time I moved house I'd tried to move in a hurry and I'd ended up breaking a lot of things, even though I thought I'd done a good job with the packing materials I'd used! IrelandRemovals were able to help me out with loads of useful advice and tips, and I used one of their movers to help me with my packing as well. I moved really easily and nothing got damaged during the process! I was really pleased with this affordable service!

  • Darlene G.
  • 26Jan 2014

I was so worried about moving into my new office. I have lots of equipment that's heavy and easy to break, and I was dreading having to rely on my insurance to pay for repairs that I couldn't afford. I hired IrelandRemovals with the hopes that they'd be able to prevent any damage from happening to my office equipment and I was thrilled with the service! This is a really professional and reliable company that was surprising affordable and very efficient. I'm so glad I hired these experts to help with my office move and I'd recommend them to anyone!

  • Kory Stein
  • 21Jan 2014

Given that I am not the most organized person in the world, I was pretty convinced that the removal I recently did was going to be terrible. However, I had a secret weapon, that even I did not know was going to be useful until the move itself. That secret was the removals company that I used: IrelandRemovals . They were instrumental in making sure that I got everything sorted in a way that was efficient and well ordered, ensuring that all went ahead as it should, and generally securing an excellent move! I would recommend them to all who need an easy and simple removal process.

  • R. Shuman
  • 08Jan 2014

With a few moves under my belt so far, I felt like I knew a fair bit about moving house. However, IrelandRemovals showed me up in ways that I could not have imagined! The team were amazing, getting everything done in lightning quick time, and insuring that nothing was damaged or left in danger. The whole things was done so effortlessly, that I was sure that something must have been forgotten down the line, but apparently not! It all went so smoothly I couldn't believe it!

  • Katie Perales
  • 03Jan 2014

My experience with IrelandRemovals man and van removal company was superb. They provided a thorough service for my office move. They worked with me to create a customized moving schedule that didn't hinder my business routine. I was able to keep my business open throughout many stages of the move. They were able to start packing and loading quickly and my business was moved, and up and running in no time. All their staff were courteous, friendly and reliable. They were excellent problem solvers and worked well in a team. I cannot thank IrelandRemovals enough for the wonderful service. Definitely worth a call back.

  • Notnamed Handy
  • 28Dec 2013

I had started to pack and prepare for my home move myself. I have always been a hands-on type of guy and thought I could easily move my apartment. But as soon as I got into it, I found I was way over my head. I called IrelandRemovals man and van company to provide a little extra assistance and I was immediately happy with my decision. They were able to pick up right where I left off and they were so much more efficient. They had an appropriately sized moving van to transport all my belongings and they knew just how to keep them safe.

  • Mackenna Grossman
  • 23Dec 2013

I was struggling to find the right moving company to move my business across country. I finally found IrelandRemovals after a recommendation from a co-worker. I was immediately impressed with their range of services. They were able to customize their service to perfectly suit my business removal needs. All their staff are courteous and professional. They were able to start packing before the move itself, and yet I was able to keep my business open, so I didn't have much down time. The final move in process was quick and my business was up and running again. If you are looking for professional removal service at an affordable price, I recommend IrelandRemovals .

  • Tasha C.
  • 18Dec 2013

I'd like to extend my thanks to all at IrelandRemovals who made my recent removal so much easier than I thought it could ever have been! In all honesty I would have been screwed without them, if you'll pardon my French. Getting everything packed up and shifted when you work long hours at the office can be pretty impossible, especially when you love your weekends like I do! In most cases, I would not have gone with a packing service, but the price I got quoted by this lot was so good that I could not resist it! The whole thing went smoothly, so I'm very happy to have used them.

  • S. Paredes
  • 05Dec 2013

A massive thanks and three cheers for IrelandRemovals who made our recent move so incredibly easy! We've never used a packing service before, and the team even said that they could take our stuff into storage, for less than it would have been to do it ourselves! That's the kind of great service that gets you writing about companies on the internet! You will do nothing better for your move, than to go ahead and ring up the company, as they show their skill and dedication even in their phone manner. We felt like we were working with serious professionals, which was a relief to say the least.

  • Alice H.
  • 30Nov 2013

Moving house is stressful, no doubt about it, but when you are looking at it from a removals perspective, you can see how a great removals team can help you out. You will no doubt need a team who are friendly, capable, safe and affordable. IrelandRemovals were all of these things for me, and I would use them again in an instant should I ever need them. Anyone looking for a great value removal would not do too badly to use them!

  • Abril Snowden
  • 25Nov 2013

Moving house is an extremely stressful process. Moving house with a six week old baby is nigh on impossible. We managed it however, a couple of weeks ago, and the reason that we did is completely down to IrelandRemovals and their team. The crew were always on hand to ensure that we could devote our attention to our little one whenever it was necessary, and this ensured that we were always relaxed and in control of the situation. Without them, we would have been stuffed, so a great many thanks to all there!

  • Gisel K.
  • 14Nov 2013

I'm happy to say that we had a really excellent team over to help us move house recently. IrelandRemovals really pulled out all of the stops in order to make sure that we felt like we were being looked after. From extras like advice on packing and organizing things, to the actual move, which went by really easily, there was little more that I could have asked of them. The price was good, the job was good, nothing was broken, so the whole move was really great, and very easy. Nice one guys.

  • Terrence T.
  • 09Nov 2013

I was really pleased with my experiences with IrelandRemovals all went well, and the move was sorted well within the time frame that it needed to be. I have heard horror stories about bad removals companies, so if you are looking for a top class service for a good price then you should go with this lot. Nothing was broken, and all was quick and efficient, a really worthwhile service, given how relaxed and confident I was in their ability to move everything without any trouble. Nice work, great guys, top firm!

  • Rebekah W.
  • 04Nov 2013

I won't lie to you, I mean, I never do, but this is hands down the best service I have come across in the removals industry, which is saying something considered that I used to work as a removals expert! There is a lot to be said for a removals company who can impress an ex remover, so they did well in that. The boys were all well trained, safe and punctual, which meant that our move went really well. I can't thank the team enough for making our move as smooth as it was. Nice work IrelandRemovals .

  • Noah Trammell
  • 30Oct 2013

Knowing that I had a big work presentation the day after the move meant that I was not exactly relaxed on the day, and I would like to extend my thanks to my removals company for dealing with how much of a stressy nutter I must have been on the day. IrelandRemovals remained professional in the face of a monster, so they should be highly rewarded for that. The move was easy and efficient, so I could not really ask for more, especially given that the presentation went really well, and i got the business I needed!

  • M. Fair
  • 25Oct 2013

With great pleasure I would like to say that IrelandRemovals are amazing at what they do. It was not a hard choice when talking to them on the phone, as other companies were not nearly as engaging as them, and I felt like they were the ones to give me the goods as far as service was concerned. I was not disappointed. The service was indeed excellent, and there was nothing that I could have faulted them for, from speed and efficiency, to care for the items, none of which were broken. Thank you so much for a wonderful job.

  • Arlene M.
  • 18Oct 2013

Sometimes it is hard to know whether you could just rent a van and do everything on your own, so when I hired the guys at IrelandRemovals I wasn't sure how well my money was being spent. However, I was suitably impressed by their dedication to getting us shifted as easily and quickly as possible. The team were great, treated our packages like they were their own, and nothing was broken. My brother is looking to move next month, and I'm going to recommend these fellows to him, as I cannot get over how good the value of their service was.

  • Freddy Broderick
  • 13Oct 2013

Removal companies don't get very good reviews and sometimes for good reason, but credit where it's due, IrelandRemovals did a great job for my firm when we were moving offices. The chaps that dealt with our move were very well organised and sorted everything out quickly, and they did it all without much input from us. I was very pleased with the service and with the time that it took - in a matter of hours everything was in place in our new premises and it was business as usual. Would definitely recommend using this removal team for a business relocation.

  • Maggie Zamora
  • 08Oct 2013

For a reputable, trustworthy removal firm, I would highly recommend IrelandRemovals and their excellent selection of services. The firm helped me organise my large-scale house removal around my family's needs. We were made to feel respected and that our opinions truly mattered throughout the process as, together, we organised which box was going where in my new property. The move was completed in excellent time and I could not be happier. Well done chaps!

  • Halie Gardiner
  • 03Oct 2013

I called IrelandRemovals when me and my housemates decided to move house. We rent in London so we knew it wasn't going to be the most accessible or easiest of moves. But: hands down to them, the team they sent were great. Honestly can't fault them at all. Furthermore, because me and my housemates are all on different shift-patterns, we couldn't all be around for the whole move. This made no difference though because there were enough movers there to make sure that everything was done swiftly and with care. Five stars for sure - ideal for anyone house sharing!

  • Khadijah Finney
  • 28Sep 2013

I am a busy Reception Manager for one of London's leading city banks; therefore the prospect of moving flats was a rather daunting one for me. I am in work for seven every morning and often do not make it home until eight in the evening. When I phoned Removals, then, and told them I might have to nip into work for a couple of hours during moving day, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were very accommodating. I left them to get on with the move and felt perfectly comfortable leaving all of my possessions in their care. If you have a hectic schedule like me then do not hesitate to give these gents a call; they really will get the job done for you.

  • Deborah Chatman
  • 23Sep 2013

Thank you to all the staff at Removals who took care of my office move. Moving a large company is such a daunting task and there was a lot to organize and plan. But working with Removals was great, they planned everything out beforehand and let me know how they would be organizing the move. They were a fantastic company and made all the necessary arrangements. They are surely worth a call if you are scheduling an office move

  • Cortez Carbajal
  • 17Sep 2013

When you're working with the right company, a long-distance business move is not such a complex task. Removals offered me great service for my long-distance business move and they were able to take care all of the travel arrangements for me. They knew exactly how to pack and store all the office supplies so that they were not damaged or misplaced during the move. Moving a business is a complex procedure and it is crucial to have a professional removal company to assist. I surely recommend Removals as they provided me such great services.

  • Haley Applegate
  • 12Sep 2013

Moving with Removals Ireland was stress-free and affordable. They offered prices that were within my financial budget and they provided a range of service options to best meet my needs. Their staff members worked well together and they kept me informed throughout the move. They really customized their service to meet my needs and I am so grateful to have worked with a professional and reliable company. I recommend them for any home move!

  • D. Sisson
  • 07Sep 2013

Moving with this company was stress-free and affordable. I really didn't want to spend too much on my home move and was really trying to cut costs. But their service was so efficient and affordable I couldn't have done it cheaper had I done it myself. I would definitely recommend IrelandRemovals as their service was affordable and professional. They were able to give me advice about self-service packing so that I could help in the packing process to save time and money. They were accommodating, professional and affordable. What a great team!

  • K. Stringer
  • 02Sep 2013

The thing that impressed me the most about Removals to Ireland was their staff. Every person I talked to and met was very polite and knowledgeable. They knew about the moving industry and would apply this to assisting me, Their operators made sure I knew everything necessary for the process and helped get me the best deal. Their moving staff worked hard packing and carrying my goods so that nothing was lost or damaged. The entire experience was a delight and I would highly recommend them for anyone about to move home.

  • Elliott Desantis
  • 22Aug 2013

My family needed a larger home because out current abode was not large enough. Managing everyone's goods and making sure they were all packed properly was not something I would be able to do myself so Called Removals Ireland for assistance. They began by giving me advice that made things simpler and gave me a greater understanding on how to do everything but before I knew it, I had hired them to do the job for me. My family's goods were soon wrapped up, on vehicles and driven to our new address. They did everything quickly and safely, allowing my move to be the same.

  • Maddison Hilliard
  • 17Aug 2013

I wanted to take the opportunity to thanks Removals Ireland for everything they have done for me. They allowed me to have the best move by comprising of a team of people who care. Their team arrived at my home immediately that meant all of my packing was completed in not time. They were then able to transport it to my new address, unload, unpack and see everything up for me. I couldn't have completed my move by myself so it was all because of them that I had a great move.

  • Saige Marino
  • 12Aug 2013

I have lived in my current home for over fifty years so when it came time to move, I didn't know what to do. I didn't know how to pack my belongings and I knew for sure I wouldn't be able to carry the boxes. I called Removals Ireland for some assistance and they provide me with everything I needed. They handled each job, from packing to transport, in no time, so I didn't have to do a thing. It allowed me to relax and enjoy my move and ensured that it went well.

  • Nestor Samson
  • 07Aug 2013

I was very excited when I bought me new home but things quickly turned sour when I realised all the effort I would have to put in just to convey my belongings to my new address. In order to get the best result I called Removals to Ireland and they delivered. They paid great detail when packing my belongings and took extra care when carrying them. They drove everything swiftly to my new home, meaning I was moved out within just a few days.

  • E. Kelso
  • 11Jul 2013

I thought I would be able to pack and move my things myself but I soon found this wasn't the case. I started wrapping things up in any old material and I knew then they wouldn't be safe. I thought I was strong enough to carry my furniture but I had difficulty when getting it through doors. Realising I needed help, I called Removals Ireland to see what they could do for me. Because of that one phone call, within a week my move was quickly completed, with all my things being protected and handled properly.

  • Tavon Barclay
  • 06Jul 2013

The world is so vast and different that I couldn't imagine myself staying in the same place my entire life. This is why I like to move home often though it can be challenging at times. It is not an easy process and has continued to be difficult despite my familiarity with it. For this move, I sought the help of Moving to Ireland and they did everything I needed and more. They made it so I didn't have to do a thing and so for once I could sit back and enjoy my move. They made the whole thing so easy that I will call them again the next time I uproot myself.

  • Brandyn H.
  • 01Jul 2013

The help supplied by Removals when I was moving home was invaluable. I hadn't much experience relocating but they helped me through the process, every step of the way. They gave me all the information I needed over the phone and their movers were top notch. Each person took their time and handled by goods carefully, while swiftly removing all my belongings and transporting them to my new address. They handled everything with care and took every precaution to ensure no one was injured. A helpful and through service, ideal for anyone moving home.

  • Paris F.
  • 26Jun 2013

Moving to Ireland loved my dogs as much as I do. They took care of my dog whilst I was in the process of getting all of my items removed to a new home. Not having a car of my own meant that I couldn't take my three dogs with me. However, after seeing my dogs at our new home, it was easy to see that they had been well looked after and were in safe hands. It is always good to know that a company cares for animals as much as pet lovers do.

  • B. Blum
  • 07Jun 2013

This company has provided me with everything that I had always imagined. My removal was handled with a lot of care and enthusiasm. Everyone involved in the removal was very keen, hardworking and friendly, which is why I enjoyed their company so much. They knew what to do as soon as they entered the house and got on with it straight away. I was very pleased that I decided to hire this company. Curious as to which company it was? I won't be a tease, it's IrelandRemovals!

  • Dajuan L.
  • 02Jun 2013

Removals Ireland allowed me to focus on my children and pets during my removal, which was very satisfying to me as a mother and pet lover. They got on with their work and didn't bother me in the slightest. It was great that I could get on with my tasks without having to check up on the movers constantly. I could trust the removal men blindly and I'm not one to trust anyone easily. I have no hesitation in saying that Removals Ireland have by far offered me one of, if not THE best services I could have asked for.

  • Brett Mize
  • 28May 2013

I would like to thank all the members of staff at IrelandRemovals that were involved with my removal. You all have been very helpful from the first day and you have offered your support until the very end, which was very reassuring to me as someone who was moving for the first time ever. I am very chuffed and satisfied with the level of care and service that was provided by you all and just want to say that I am very grateful and thankful for all that you have done.

  • Gabrielle Eldridge
  • 23May 2013

My house was getting extremely crammed with my continuous purchasing of antiques, so I opted to move to a larger property. My niece passed on details of Moving to Ireland of whom she thought were fantastic. So I got in touch and arranged for them to sort an estimate for me, of which I was extremely happy with. I made an appointment as soon as I was ready to move on. Moving to Ireland provided a brilliant service from dealing with the initial contact to the final payment.

  • Stephan M.
  • 18May 2013

Thanks to Moving to Ireland, my relocation went really well and it was not at all hectic, as I'd thought it'd be. The reason I thought it'd be so hectic was because of my bad back. I injured it a while back. It has stopped me from doing a lot of things - especially moving. But Moving to Ireland reassured me their team of movers would do all the lifting. Well, just as they had said, the team of movers DID do all the lifting. I didn't have to lift a finger. It was excellent. The guys were lovely and really polite. I have told everyone I know about this brilliant removals company! Well recommended!

  • Jeff S.
  • 13May 2013

How great is IrelandRemovals? I couldn't believe how great they were. They were fantastic throughout the whole move and I have my good friend to thank for that because he recommended this moving company to me. Moving house can be hectic, as you know, and these guys just made it so much easier and smoother. The team of movers made it for me. The guys were extremely dedicated to providing you with an easy move - I could not have done it without them! Well recommended.

  • M. Nieto
  • 08May 2013

Removals Ireland were hired by me to do my packing. You see, I have a lot of valuables and I really don't trust myself to pack them efficiently. So, instead of the running the risk of anything getting broken during transit, I decided to hire packaging help. The team of packers from Removals Ireland arrived at my house right on time and got to work straight away - no hesitations or coffee breaks or anything. They planned and organised all my belongings and handled them with care when they placed them in boxes and so on. They labeled everything and wrapped everything lots of times to prevent the occurrence of breakage. Excellent company!

  • Terry C.
  • 21Apr 2013

Removals to Ireland is a great company that you should definitely hire. In addition to their superb service and highly trained staff, they offer great value for money. You really can't afford to miss out. So if you're like most people and you're tightening your purse strings at the moment, Removals to Ireland is the best company you can use. Their quotes are more than reasonable and completely affordable to everyone - even those on tight budgets. I'll definitely use this company again in the future. Well recommended.

  • Brennan Mendenhall
  • 16Apr 2013

I hired IrelandRemovals to do my packing for me about 4 weeks ago. The reason for this was because I was moving overseas and I needed to make sure that all my valuable items were wrapped in the best way possible to ensure that nothing would get damaged. I've never seen anything like it before: the team work, the special equipment, the organisation - it's just amazing to see it. They are really careful when handling your items and everything was packed brilliantly. I couldn't have been happier with the way it was all done. If you need a good packing service, choose IrelandRemovals.

  • Sage Ivy
  • 11Apr 2013

Moving is hectic and stressful. After renting for a long time and accumulating a lot of belongings then being able to buy my first house I needed a reputable moving company. A friend of mine passed on details of Removals to Ireland who she had used. I was extremely impressed with their professional services. From the first contact with them to make arrangements and a very reasonable quote. They turned up on time and my move went without any problems and the staff worked so hard. Thanks. It has been great working with you and I would definitely use you again.

  • Darryl Thomas
  • 25Mar 2013

To everyone at Removals to Ireland: thank you so much for making me and my husband's move overseas an easy and enjoyable journey. We could not have done any of it without you. Moving is never easy, but when you find a good removals company like yourself, it makes the whole process so much simpler and stress free. It has been a pleasure working alongside you. We have both recommended you to everyone we know. We are very happy customers indeed.

  • Hugo B.
  • 20Mar 2013

Because I'm a student I'm always on a budget and money is always tight. When I went home for the summer, I needed somewhere to store my valuables for a few weeks. After emailing a few removal companies, IrelandRemovals offered the best deal so I chose them. From start to finish, they were so professional and I was very impressed. The storage units were clean and tidy and fit for storing my valuables. Knowing I didn't have much experience in this department, IrelandRemovals really helped me out and supported me a lot. This is a fantastic removals company!

  • Elliot Altamirano
  • 15Mar 2013

I have only good words to say about Removals Ireland. Their customer service is very professional and helpful, and the removal team was very hard working and efficient. I was so impressed. On moving day, everything went smoothly. My belongings were transported safely to my new home and the guys helped me out with the loading and unloading, which was very nice of them. I was also pleased with their quote. I thought I'd have to pay a fortune for a service as good as they provide. But actually, they are probably one of the cheapest removal companies around. I would definitely use them again. Highly recommended.

  • Dandre Fish
  • 10Mar 2013

I move around a lot and I'm always on the lookout for a removals company that I can trust 100% and rely on for each of my moves. It was a great day when I found Moving to Ireland because they just seemed perfect. They talked me through their range of services and their prices, and I admit I was impressed. It's not easy finding a company that you can count on. I've never used the same removals company twice but I'll certainly be using Moving to Ireland more than once. They have been fantastic, really professional and honest. So for everyone thinking about booking with them - do!

  • Estefani S.
  • 05Mar 2013

I must admit that thanks to the fact that I hired IrelandRemovals to relocate my items recently, I have a new opinion on relocating and moving properties. They made the situation so easy and straight forward for me that I actually enjoyed the process. What's more is that their prices were incredibly reasonable and didn't stretch the budget! Excellent!

  • Reagan Lester
  • 28Feb 2013

Thanks a bunch to all of the staff, team, office personnel and removals men at Moving to Ireland. I want to say a big thanks to all of the team because you were just excellent when you recently relocated me and my items to my new property. Moving with you was easy and so hassle free that I never felt stressed out at any point. Cheers guys!

  • Jane C.
  • 23Feb 2013

Choose Removals for your move! They are reliable, reputable, very efficient and offer inexpensive services too! I recommend this company without a doubt!

  • Marlon Ernst
  • 18Feb 2013

I move on a regular basis and therefore it is important that I have a number and contact details on hand for a reputable and reliable company that I can trust and who I know won't let me down. IrelandRemovals proved to be that company for me and I have used them a couple of times now throughout the past year. They are such a great team and they deserve a big thank you for all that they have helped me with!

  • D. Keating
  • 13Feb 2013

IrelandRemovals is a professional company and offers affordable relocation deals too. I doubt that any other company could match their very reasonable prices, convenient moves, excellent team of moving experts and office staff or their punctuality. I would recommend this company to all!

  • D. Mills
  • 08Feb 2013

Choose Removals Ireland if you want a great removals service. I've used them quite a few times now and I must admit, they've never let me down. They've been brilliant in every way. They still treat me the way they did when I first booked with them: politely and professionally. They offer great personalised packages, so that all your needs can be met - for no extra fee. And they also give you great packing tips that come in useful if you're not too good at packing things well. All in all, a great company that I intend to use again and again.

  • K. Spaulding
  • 03Feb 2013

After initial communication with Removals to Ireland's customer service, I knew I had to book a date with them. Not only were they professional, but they were polite and treated you like a person rather than a robot. This personal approach is what caught my fancy. I love it when companies boast good quality customer services that speak nicely to clients. But few do. I was also incredibly impressed by the removal me, who were on time and there were no delays. Definitely worth the money and definitely worth considering when you move again. I know I'll be using them again.

  • Chancellor Blanchard
  • 29Jan 2013

Moving with and nbsp;IrelandRemovals was a dream. If every move was like this one then I wouldn and rsquo;t be so hesitant about relocating every once in a while. Moving is something that in business, is important because it can have a great impact on your business. You can never be sure on just what you are missing out on until you relocated all of your company to a new, better and possibly busier location. I did this recently, just one year after setting up my business, and wow I have really seen the results and reaped the benefits. The reason I was able to relocate to a new business space was because I took the plunge of moving my whole business and everything that went with is to a location about twenty minutes away from the former commercial property. I called the team and we arranged the time and date of the removal there and then. Moving day went by oh so fast and it was actually a bit of a blur to be honest. However, within a few hours I had set up my business at its new residence and we were back to normal in very little time indeed. There is no other company that I would choose to work with again or recommend other than these as they are perfect! Cheers guys!

  • Ananda M.
  • 24Jan 2013

I am a student who has recently relocated to my new student apartment. The idea of moving out of my family home was quite daunting but I was reassured by the team at and nbsp;Removals Ireland that everything was going to be ok and that I could choose a time and date when I relocated if it would be more convenient for me. I arranged a date and time with them and when moving day arrived, I was fully prepared for any hard work that was thrown at me. Within no time at all the removals men were unloading my items in to my new student home and they didn and rsquo;t require my help at all. I didn and rsquo;t actually need to be there, only perhaps to meet them at either end. The services were first class and everyone who I dealt with within the company was the same. I would recommend this company to all the students who need help with moving and to anyone else who is looking for a good, honest removal team that offer relocation packages on a budget.

  • N. Darden
  • 19Jan 2013

A truly lovely team and really helpful bunch indeed. My husband and I chose and nbsp;Removals to Ireland for our recent move and I certainly don and rsquo;t regret it. They are just a brilliant company and extremely knowledgeable on relocating. They can offer you a lot of handy tips and I am really grateful for all their added help. Thanks a lot.

  • Lara Arce
  • 14Jan 2013

Removals and nbsp;were brilliant when they undertook my move a few weeks ago. I didn and rsquo;t expect such fast and efficient results, but they did the job they said they would and I am very happy with their services! They are professional and friendly and their prices are good vale too. I would definitely recommend! Fantastic job! Well done to you all at the team!

  • N. Aguilar
  • 09Jan 2013

I would suggest to anyone to use the services of Removals to Ireland. I did 4 days ago and had a very good experience. I can't think of one reason why you shouldn't hire them, because they were just perfect.

  • Joselin F.
  • 02Jan 2013

I've used Removals twice - once to move from Leeds to Birmingham and a year later to relocate my office. Both times they were fantastic. The communication with them was also perfect, because there was always somebody on the phone to answer my questions. Very good company!

  • E. Bartley
  • 28Dec 2012

My family and I strongly recommend this moving company! They showed up 10 minutes early on the day of our move and were extremely prepared for any situation. They packed everything for us and delivered it in perfect shape. Thank you!

  • Corey Sibley
  • 23Dec 2012

I have just received my items from Removals and they are in great condition, nothing is missing or damaged. I want to thank the guys for the help in this very difficult moment, and I will recommend them to all of my friends!

  • Marquise Fallon
  • 18Dec 2012

I had an office relocation within the London area and a colleague of my recommended that I hire Moving to Ireland. I contacted their office and they really gave me a very low price that I couldn't even compare with prices from the other moving companies I'd contacted. I hired Moving to Ireland and I'm glad I did. Everything went smooth without any problems.

  • Kiana Cain
  • 13Dec 2012

I had to move a very old, but very valuable piano from my mum's house. I struggled to find an good company to do it for me and finally I found Removals to Ireland. They were real professionals and knew what they were doing. I am very glad that I found them!

  • Y. Paulsen
  • 08Dec 2012

IrelandRemovals is the best moving company I've ever used. They helped me move all my possessions from Portsmouth to Southampton without any problems. The movers were skilled and flexible. They did an excellent job!

  • Angelina Boss
  • 03Dec 2012

We used Removals to Ireland based on a recommendation from a friend. They were incredibly fast and I didn't see them to take a single break at all. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a professional moving company!

  • Allyson Pack
  • 28Nov 2012

I had to relocate my office and since it was my first time I decided to hire professionals. A colleague of mine recommended the services of Removals, so I called their office. Wendy was nice and explained the whole process to me. When the team of movers arrives they did as I had been told. No items were lost or damaged. They provided great services!

  • B. Storey
  • 23Nov 2012

IrelandRemovals helped me a lot while moving, they wrapped my last items for me and even taped some of the boxes. The moving men were very fast loading the boxes onto the van and took care that none of our most valuable items got damaged. It's a great company!

  • A. Tran
  • 18Nov 2012

I must say I was very satisfied with my moving experience with Moving to Ireland. It was my first time moving and I had a lot of questions. Many thanks to Wendy, who explained everything for me and was there for me throughout. Thank you once again!

  • M. Mullen
  • 13Nov 2012

This company did a marvelous job moving me from Manchester to London. They were efficient, polite and very fast. Everything was wrapped tightly. I would strongly recommend their services to anyone!

  • Georgia C.
  • 08Nov 2012

Both the customer support and the movers themselves were great. They were also efficient and careful and finished the job in less than two hours. I was impressed how they managed to fit everything into the lorry. I would strongly recommend them to my friends!

  • D. Fleck
  • 03Nov 2012

I had to move from my 3-bedroom house in a very short notice, so I started searching on the Internet for the most reliable moving company. I chose to call Removals to Ireland based on their good feedback. Within 3 days they sent their crew who were very well prepared and organized. This company was a lifesaver for me. I am very grateful.

  • G. Ziegler
  • 29Oct 2012

The movers from Removals were just great. They wrapped my fridge, washing machine and dishwasher with the speed of the light and moved them with ease even though I moved to a place with a lot of stairs. I didn't hear them complaining at all. I am very thankful. I would recommend them to anyone as well.

  • Kenton S.
  • 24Oct 2012

My wife and I are very grateful to all the people working at Moving to Ireland. I used them for a long distance move from London to Hungary. Their team of movers did an excellent job for me. They kept me informed of everything during the whole process. I received my furniture today at my new home in Hungary and there is nothing lost or damaged. Thank you very much once again. You're worth every penny!

  • Kerry Dickerson
  • 19Oct 2012

Outstanding service. There were no damaged or missing items. Customer service was also great. They even called me after the moving was done to ask me if I was happy with their services. Thank you very much Removals to Ireland.

  • Grayson Sabo
  • 14Oct 2012

This was my first time moving with IrelandRemovals and I think from now on I am going to use their services. I had a couple of very bad moving experiences before, so I personally think IrelandRemovals provided me with the best prices for moving boxes. It's a wonderful company in my book!

  • Jakob R.
  • 09Oct 2012

My partner and I have used Removals to Ireland' services multiple times. Most recently they helped me relocate my office. The whole experience was great. They moved my office belongings in no time. This is the best moving company I have ever hired.

  • Carley Vogel
  • 04Oct 2012

I moved from Oxford to London and I was quite happy overall with the services I received from Removals Ireland. Their movers wrapped everything for me, and loaded and unloaded it all into my new 2-bedroom house. There were no items lost or even dirty. Thank you!

  • K. Cramer
  • 29Sep 2012

I broke up with my partner and I had to move as soon as possible. Removals to Ireland was the first company to call based on their positive feedback and they booked me for the next day available time. I am so grateful to them, they saved me so much trouble during this tough period. Everything was done perfectly from their side, and I couldn't thank them enough. I would recommend them to all of my friends!

  • Hazel M.
  • 24Sep 2012

Removals to Ireland relocated my office recently. Their customer support coordinated with me over the phone throughout. The moving crew arrived right on time, they identified themselves and started to work almost immediately. They wrapped everything for me and loaded and unloaded it very carefully. If I have to relocate my office again I will definitely use Removals to Ireland.

  • A. Kurtz
  • 19Sep 2012

I used the services of Moving to Ireland to move things to my storage unit last week and I can surely give them a 5-star rating. They have even helped me wrap a few fragile items for me. I will definitely use them again for my next relocation.

  • Kaeli Hodges
  • 14Sep 2012

We hired Removals to Ireland twice now and both times they were just perfect. The movers were hard working, kind and paid attention to every single detail. I really appreciate the great services of Removals to Ireland and I highly recommend them.

  • Eliana Mercer
  • 09Sep 2012

My family and I have relocated 2 times in the last two years and had good experience with the moving services of Removals Ireland both times. They area a great value for the money they charge. Thank you very much!

  • Geoffrey D.
  • 04Sep 2012

Removals Ireland crew were very helpful. They handled our belongings with care and were very flexible also. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs any removal work no matter how big or small.

  • Agustin C.
  • 30Aug 2012

With Removals Ireland the whole moving process was absolutely stress-free. On the day of my move four men from their crew came and were very well organized. They asked me about everything and listened to all of my instructions. It was a pleasure to work with such professionals.

  • Daren Vick
  • 25Aug 2012

IrelandRemovals did a marvelous job for my family and me. They sent very experienced movers to pick up all of our furniture and they unloaded it making sure everything was in perfect condition. We will definitely use them again! 100% recommended!

  • J. Coppola
  • 20Aug 2012

I called Removals Ireland at the last minute because I had been let down by my own removal company. In no time they managed to fit me in for their next-day schedule and they were at my front door 5 minutes early. I cannot describe how happy and grateful I was. I didn't know how to thank them other than to write a few words for them and thank them once again. They were a real lifesaver for me. Best regards!

  • C. Marcum
  • 15Aug 2012

I just want to say thank you to all the people who were involved in my move from London to Milan. It was such a long distance move and the team from Moving to Ireland just made it less stressful for me. The representative from the office was with me all the time, answering my questions. This company is the most professional I have ever dealt with. I wish them best of luck.

  • Freddie Espinosa
  • 10Aug 2012

I chose Removals to Ireland men, because of all the good reviews they have on the site, and I do not have a doubt that I am going to use them again for my future removals. They came to my house on time and did all the moving by themselves. I strongly recommend them!

  • Keelan W.
  • 05Aug 2012

I called Removals to Ireland to transport my heavy belongings from the South of Norway to North England. The price quote they gave me was very reasonable, so I decided to go with them. All I can say for this long distance and stressful move for me is that it was a pretty good experience. This company really knows how to leave their customers satisfied. There isn't a single scratch on my furniture. Great services. Thank you!

  • Valery Washington
  • 31Jul 2012

My husband got a new job and we had to move as soon as possible. Moving to Ireland were the only company who managed to book us for the next day's schedule. I can tell now they worked really fast to help us. All this hurrying made me feel so stressed, but thanks to the movers everything was done perfectly. They helped us wrap all of our belongings and loaded and unloaded them with extreme care. I do not know how to thank you, but recommend you to all of my friends and family. Thank you very much!

  • Trista S.
  • 26Jul 2012

My friend recommended IrelandRemovals to me. The sales rep was extremely kind from the beginning to the end, she was there for me anytime I had questions. The moving team was also very nice and professional. Thank you very much!

  • M. Lin
  • 21Jul 2012

I am rating Removals as a 5-star service provider. This is the best moving company I have ever used. I booked them 1 year ago and the whole move went so smoothly, nothing was damaged. I am recommending them to all of my friends and family.

  • Lewis J.
  • 16Jul 2012

This was my second time using Moving to Ireland and I want to express my satisfaction with their professional crew. I very much appreciated how well the representatives communicated with us ahead of the actual move and were available to answer all of my questions. Thank you very much for everything, I wish you good luck!

  • Carley B.
  • 11Jul 2012

I had no time to pack all of my things before my moving day and Removals Ireland was able to do that at an affordable rate. They were the first moving company that I was happy to work with. Once again thank you guys for everything!

  • Serenity Krueger
  • 06Jul 2012

No issues with Moving to Ireland. The team was on time and provided me and my family with excellent service. There was nothing broken. They were a well-organized team. I will go with your company again for sure! Wish you the best of luck!

  • Angel Hu
  • 01Jul 2012

I used their services a few weeks ago and they did a great job for me too. Everything was very well planned through my agent over the phone - Alan. The movers were on time and handled all of our belongings with care. Everything arrived at our new home in perfect condition. To be completely honest I think it was a bargain for us compared to the other removal companies I spoke to before. Thank you very much, Alan, and the other guys from IrelandRemovals. I strongly recommend your company.

  • Helen Wahl
  • 26Jun 2012

I think Removals to Ireland are the most respectful and reliable company. I most like that they try to book my removal on the exact day and time that I want. The guys are really speedy and sometimes they do all the work by themselves. Thank you!

  • J. Hooks
  • 20Jun 2012

I chose this company to assist with my storage removal based on their reviews. I called a few other moving companies, and IrelandRemovals was the cheapest and friendliest that I spoke with. One of the girls who works there called me twice while moving to confirm and ask whether everything was alright or if I had any questions. Great job.

  • Sandra Negrete
  • 15Jun 2012

I have never imagined that moving could be a great experience. I hired IrelandRemovals and I was astonished by the efficiency of their work. While I can only speak for the quality of their service, I have no doubt that they put thought and effort into all that they offer and I would recommend them to my friends.

  • Claire G.
  • 07Jun 2012

I have used Removals Ireland' services as well and I have to say I have never thought I would be so happy with removal services. They also provided me with helpful moving hints. I am so grateful for everything, because it was my first time moving and I was very pleased overall.

  • Aidan Dalton
  • 02Jun 2012

We contacted Removals Ireland for a long-distance move in April and we were completely satisfied with their services. Great communication. The movers were really careful and nothing was damaged or treated improperly.

  • Darryl Laughlin
  • 28May 2012

Previously I had a bad experience with a removal company, which is why I was skeptical to use one again. But when the people from Removals to Ireland arrived, I saw that their trucks looked new and the driver was really nice and friendly, which changed my mind completely. If I decide to move again I will definitely call you.

  • Amos Mayo
  • 23May 2012

I thought that I would encounter great difficulties when moving but my friend advised me to contact Moving to Ireland. They explained their services to me in detail and after I used them I realized that they saved me a lot of nerves and time.

  • Tyrell M.
  • 18May 2012

I have already used IrelandRemovals services twice now for office moving and I want to say that each time they have made a great impression. I recommend this company to my co-workers and also family. Thank you again!

  • Carli Tan
  • 13May 2012

I moved from Athenry to Galway with Removals Ireland removal services. I have to say they did a great job for me - disassembled a wardrobe that could not fit down my stairs and reassembled it at the destination. We could not have been more satisfied with the experience and will recommend them for friends. Many thanks!

  • Brandan Zeigler
  • 08May 2012