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packing servicesThe amount of calls per year made by home or business owners who have had possessions damaged during a removal process, is astounding. At [COMPANY NAME] however, this sort of thing rarely happens because we offer a professional packing service to all of our customers. If you wish to hear about our cheap packing prices and excellent service then call us on 020 8746 9615 and we’ll do everything we can to help. You no longer have to worry about the stresses and strains of packaging and relocation, because now you have us.

Whether you are a business or a home-owner who is changing location, packaging tends to be forgotten and underestimated. As a general rule, if you pack your possessions up carefully and with an element of organisation, then it makes the rest of the move incredibly easy. This is why we provide professional advice; so the moving house, or office can go smoothly. The way to do this is to clearly label all of your boxes. There should always be three pieces of information visible on the boxes containing your possessions: name of item(s); exact destination; and whether the contents are fragile or not. If you do this relatively simple task then you will be able to unload and unpack quickly and efficiently when you reach your destination. Why spend excessive amounts of time rooting through boxes and transferring items from one room to another when it just isn’t necessary.

packing materialsAll of our staff are extremely well-trained in all areas of removals, including packaging. We realise that peoples’ belongings should be treated with care and we therefore handle them like our own. We actually recommend that you use our packing service in order to save money. More often than not, people will break or damage at least one item when packing up their possessions, meaning they will have to replace it in the near future. If you allow us to give you assistance then this won’t happen because of our experience and care.  It doesn’t matter if it is a 46” plasma television, or a eighty-years-old antique rocking horse. We have training and experience in handling and packaging them all safely. We provide all the materials you need for packaging too, like boxes, take packing paper, bubble wrap, wardrobe boxes and furniture covers. On top of all this, we don’t mind disassembling and re-assembling your furniture as and when is necessary. However, we are very cautious with this particular service as it is sometimes not necessary and we try to avoid it if possible.

So, if you want to take advantage of this magnificent service that will enable you to enjoy a stress-free move, call us on 020 8746 9615. All of our staff are friendly and aim to make you feel as at ease as possible for the duration of the relocation. With our packaging service you can sit back and relax more than ever before because we are a company that puts your needs before our own, meaning getting the job done efficiently and satisfactorily, is our top priority. If you want these services, call us as soon as you can because there is no guarantee that we’ll be free when you need us, although we try to be as flexible as possible when it comes to making arrangements with our customers. Remember, [COMPANY NAME] is the removal company that you can’t beat.