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Why You Should Reuse Moving Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes play a big part in the moving process. People primarily rely on cardboard boxes to temporarily hold all their belongings until they successfully arrive in their destination. But people are not aware that using cardboard boxes has an impact to our environment. Usually, cardboard boxes are made of pulp and pulp comes from trees. It takes seventeen trees to produce a ton of cardboard material-trees that provide us oxygen and shade.  You may not use as much boxes when you move but recycling cardboard boxes will keep them out of the landfills. You may have heard about recycled cardboard boxes made of recycled paper or cardboard. Yes, it could be a cheaper alternative. However, these types of boxes do not come with its own cost to the environment either. Using recycled cardboard boxes only gives us another excuse to always use new boxes for moving.  Plus, the chemical process that cardboard boxes go through whether it's new or recycled, gives off emissions known to deplete the ozone. Creative Ways to Find Recycled Cardboard Boxes There are several ways to find recycled cardboard boxes you can use for your move. They may not always be in their perfect shape but they are still durable and you can reseal them conveniently. Now here comes the best part, recycled cardboard boxes actually cost half the price of a new one. You can even get them for free! You can find interesting websites that offer cardboard boxes for free. All you need to do is supply them with your personal information such as your name, address and contact details. You can inform them if you want used cardboards or free cardboards. For more information, just search for "free moving boxes exchange". Another way to get moving cardboard boxes is by contacting your grocery store. Boxes from supermarkets are prone to spills and pests damages. However, they cost a lot less and most of the supermarkets don't really mind if you ask for a couple of them. Using recycled boxes for your move is like hitting two birds with one stone: saving the environment and saving money all at the same time.