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What to Expect from a Background Check Conducted by Apartment Owners

Because of intensifying terrorist activities, landlords are now conducting rigorous background checks on prospective tenants. Normally, apartment owners hire third party companies to perform the data screening.  So you must be prepared to be subjected to background investigation if you will rent an apartment unit.    A typical background check will investigate your credit history, criminal records, eviction history, employment verification, and will verify your previous addresses.    Credit checking is considered too controversial but some landlords perform it anyway.  Credit history should not affect your application but it could influence the perception of the landlord about you.    Employment verification and address checking are more important. You should not lie to the landlord about your current employment status and address. These can be easily checked by data screening companies.  If there is any inconsistent data in your application, then the landlord will consider it lying and will deny your application.     Some landlords can be influenced by your prior criminal conviction while others may not.  So be sure to answer the application questionnaires correctly and explain the circumstances of your conviction if there is any.  Landlords are particularly interested if you are a registered sex offender.  A prior record should not be a ground for instant disapproval.