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Tips for Students Moving House

Leaving home and moving to University, whether to halls or rented accommodation, can be incredibly exciting but also daunting. The process can be stressful and expensive, especially if you’re having to complete the move by yourself. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult and with the right amount of careful planning and expertise, moving house as a student can be simple. Here are some tips on how you can make it as easy as possible.Hire a student removal serviceHiring a removal company which specialises in student removals can make the task infinitely smoother. These companies are used to dealing with the hectic lives of students and will also offer a range of van sizes to suit your needs. For example, as a student, you may not have many belongings – only a few boxes full of your possessions - and therefore might not need a huge transit van. Alternatively, if your parents or friends are helping you move, work out how much you can possibly bring in the car with you. Heavier items, like a television and books can go in the removal van, whereas lighter, more fragile items can go with you in the car. Instead of spending unnecessary money on a large man with a van, you can save money by hiring a smaller vehicle. Book the student removals service in advance and get a quote so you can budget and save money.Make a listBefore you move, it’s sensible to compile a moving checklist. This list should include what items you’re bringing, as well as vital information, such as the number of the removal company and address of your destination. Writing a checklist not only reduces the risk of leaving important items at home, but also gives you a tangible itinerary. This can help reduce stress and, in addition, if you feel you’re trying to pack up and take your whole life away with you, it can help you whittle your belongings down. You may even need to downsize your removal van.Make a strict budgetBudgeting is one of the most important lessons you can learn as a student and planning your move around your first month’s expenditure can prevent you from being short of cash later on. If you work out how much you need for the essentials, you should be able to work out how much excess money you have to spend on a man with a van. Not only do you have to pay for rent, but there are other aspects of living, which we often take for granted before we move out. Utility bills, internet bills, your phone, TV license and travel all take their financial toll and by the end of the month, you find yourself living off economy-brand dried noodles. However, if you budget accurately, this shouldn’t be a problem. Before you move, find out what your bills should cost. In some accommodation, the bills can be included in the rent but this shouldn’t be assumed, always check with your landlord first. Your landlord should also have information on which internet provider the accommodation may already be with. Therefore, you can gain at least a rough estimate of what your monthly outgoings should be. Once you’ve calculated your vital expenditures, you can estimate what you’ll need to spend on other aspects of student living, like food, toiletries, cleaning products, travel and University equipment. The figure that’s left can be there for you to either save for a rainy day or spend on luxuries, such as nights out and clothes.