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Tips for Preparing Major Appliances for a Move

The preparation of your major appliances before a move is usually a responsibility of your movers. However if you want to save on money by not hiring movers for this endeavour, you can prepare your appliances by using some tips. These tips are categorised according to the appliance you need to prepare for the move.   Preparing your fridge   Your fridge has to be emptied, defrosted and unplugged at least a day before the move. After cleaning the fridge, place an open box of baking soda in it to eliminate foul smell. All its shelves and drawers have to be removed, its glass pieces secured in bubble wrap and packed in a box marked "fridge parts".   Preparing your stove   Clean your stove before a move and then remove or secure all its racks, knobs and other removable parts. Make sure the stove is turned off before disconnecting it. However you have to be very careful whilst disconnecting the gas line as some connections are very fragile.   Preparing your dishwashers   Dishwashers are easily prepared for the move. All you have to do is to run it with hot water and detergent after emptying it. Then all its dish racks have to be removed and packed, after which the door has to be taped securely.   Preparing your washer and dryer can be difficult. You have to refer to its manual for instructions on how to disconnect it. In addition to this, all its hoses have to be packed separately and its drum secured according to the manufacturer's instructions.   As you follow all these guides pertinent to packing your major appliances, you will have an easier time unpacking and reassembling the items later on. Don't think of these steps as difficult activities. After all, you will benefit from the hard work.