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The Closing Stages of an Apartment Rental - Cleaning Tips to Avoid Deposit Forfeitures

Everybody knows how stressful and painful moving can be. But no matter how busy you are in preparing for it, you need to make sure that your current unit is in its best condition before you leave. Otherwise, your landlord can take a huge chunk off your deposit for cleaning fees. Implement the following steps and get ready to move into a better, bigger and hopefully cheaper, apartment.
Step one: Prepare a Checklist
You can create your own checklist to make your cleaning task organized. Or, get a more comprehensive one through the internet. A cleaning checklist allows you to determine the most important areas to clean. 
Step two: Collect cleaning supplies and tools
Cleaning is a lot easier when you have all the necessary supplies and tools at hand. So don't pack the vacuum yet. Put the sponges and solutions together in a pail and keep it handy at all times.
Step 3: Empty Your Apartment
Without obstructions, cleaning can take less time and effort. Ask your landlord to give you enough time to clean the unit after you have moved all your stuff.
Step 4: Follow the Top to Down Rule
Start from the top when scrubbing or vacuuming so you'll only need to clean the floor once. Start with the ceiling, windows and drapes then work on your way down to the countertops to the floor.