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The art of De-Cluttering your SE16 Home

You may be moving home or you may be having a spring clean, either way the time has come to de-clutter! The very thought of having a clear out can make you run for the hills but it can be a cathartic experience, and it could make you some money.Where do you start? It is better to plan what you are doing otherwise you could end up tripping over bin bags and boxes. Take it room by room and cupboard by cupboard, that way you are not going to have too much stuff lying around. Make sure you have bin bags, boxes, old newspapers or tissue paper and some adhesive tape at the ready. Some rooms will be easier than others. The kitchen is always a place where we keep things we haven’t used in a long time or have never used! Remember buying that microwave container that allows you to make a boiled egg? The 3 sieves clogging up the cupboard? The set of Chinese soup bowls complete with spoons? When you start piling up the stuff that you are getting rid of you can then make decisions about what to do with them. You could potentially end up with three piles:1.    Bin: If the item is broken, heavily chipped or just past its best then it is time to say goodbye and put it in the bin. Items that are small enough should be put in a bin bag then put into the refuse bin. Remember to sort out items that can be recycled and put them into the appropriate bin. Larger items can be taken to the local Recycling and Rubbish Dump.2.    Charity shop: Items that you think are not worthwhile selling or would be too much hassle when it came to packaging and posting can be given to the local charity shops. Charity shops are always looking for donations as they are the life blood. I for one love browsing for a bargain in the charity shops, and in today’s financial climate many people are turning to these shops to buy clothes and other household items. Things like books, ornaments, clothes, shoes, toys and handbags are always in demand.3.    Sell: As the saying goes; one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure. You can choose to sell online, go to a car boot sale or advertise in your local paper. •    Websites: There are many websites that you can sell your items on, have a browse and find one you are comfortable using. It may be you are going to post items to people that buy from you or you may want them to collect (large items or people staying local), take this into consideration when choosing a site. •    Car boot sale: You will get people raising money for charity setting up car boot sales, usually on a Saturday or Sunday. With our lovely UK weather you may find indoor car boot sales in the SE16 area. When selling at a car boot sale you should get there early to allow you to set up, you don’t want to be unpacking when the potential buyers start appearing! A pasting table is usually a good item to put all your goods on, make sure you space things out and have a rough idea what you want to charge. Don’t be afraid to haggle!•    Local paper: Most local papers have a classified section that lets you advertise items for sale. You could this for larger or more expensive items as you may need to pay for the advert so you would want to take this cost into account for the selling price.The most important thing about de-cluttering is making the commitment to doing it, think of the space you will have once you have finished but don’t plan on buying something new to fill it!