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Ten Packing Materials that You Can't Properly Pack a Box Without

Packing a home can be a heck of a lot of work for a beginner and even someone who has done it numerous times, the difference is that someone who has experience in moving or packing to be precise, knows exactly what they will need to complete the move. One of the most important aspects of moving is having all the packing materials that will be needed on hand. There are ten that are needed to properly pack a box and to pack certain items or belongings.

1)    Specialty boxes: specialty boxes are boxes that are designed for a specific use and they make packing these certain items an easy task that will not take much effort at all. Some examples of specialty boxes are the wardrobe box, which is designed to hold clothes while they are still on the hanger. Wardrobe boxes have a pole in them and even include drawers for folded clothes. Another box that is specially designed for a certain use is known as a dish pack. A dish pack box has a number of divider or cells for glassware or plates and they make it easy to pack drinking glasses and plates without the extra need of wrapping paper or bubble wrap.

2)    Bubble wrap: Bubble wrap is needed for fragile items such as porcelain or glass figurines or knick knacks.

3)    Wrapping or filler paper: wrapping and filler paper is needed to fill in empty spaces inside of packed boxes. Empty spaces inside boxes need to be filled in order to keep the contents of boxes from shifting around while in motion. If contents move around they could be damaged while inside of the box.

4)    Markers: markers are needed to keep track of what box goes in which room or even the contents of specific boxes depending on how the packer prefers to label boxes whether by content or room.

5)    Tape: Packing tape is one of the most important things to have in the packing material arsenal this is what will hold boxes closed and keep them from spilling open. Tape should be at least two inches wide but three inches wide works better. Boxes need to be taped on the top and the bottom.

6)    Scissors or tape gun: Scissors are needed to cut the tape if a tape gun is not available.

7)    "Fragile" stickers: These come in handy and will almost guarantee that boxes with fragile contents are moved with caution.

8)    Plastic wrapping: plastic wrapping is needed for application like wrapping a mattress or upholstered furniture.

9)    Trash bags: It is common practice for most people to use plastic trash bags for packing items and they serve a good purpose. Trash bags are best used for blankets, pillows and winter coats. They can serve other purposes as well but these are the best applications for trash bags.

10)    Assistance: having someone to assist with the packing may not be a packing material but it is surely needed to help the packing process go smoothly. Packing by yourself can become quite frustrating and it can get difficult to keep moving without help.