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Some Tips to Consider when Renting a Van

If that time when you are moving house has come then running through a moving checklist should be at the top of your agenda. Whether you are a seasoned mover or new to the moving game, there are many things to consider which will make life easier during the move.For furniture removals and small removals, it is well worth renting a van to make the moving process hassle free. There are a plethora of removal companies that can assist you in transporting your possessions to your new house. The internet is teeming with man and van hire companies across London, so it is important to be savvy about choosing the best moving van to hire.It is important to decide early on whether you want to hire just a van and load and unload your items yourself, or if you want the assistance of a man and van hire. The latter option will provide an extra pair of strong yet delicate hands to assist in the moving process. There may be a considerable difference in the cost of hire depending if you choose just the van, or a man with the van, so this is something to think about in the early stages of moving house.If browsing the internet, keep the following things in mind when selecting a removal company:-    Check to see if there is an enquiry form or telephone number to call if you have any questions-    Ensure that the company is available at your required time for the move-    Check multiple websites during early research to compare prices and get the best value for money-    If you get an online quote, make sure you save this documentation in case the company attempts to change the price-    Always read the fine print and terms and conditions of hiring a van from a removal companyIf going in person to different man and van hire companies, keep a cautious eye for these signs of professionalism:-    Staff are well dressed and look professional-    Staff appear trained and display expertise in their field-    Staff are approachable and friendly and willing to answer questions-    Prices for hire are not transparent and staff are happy to discuss these with you-    The company is able to provide packing materialReputable removal companies will be trained in a number of different areas that will make the process of moving house much more achievable and stress-free for you. If you choose the option of renting a van only, the removal company will be able to provide you with tips and strategies on how to best store and pack everything for the move. You should feel comfortable and confident to ask questions to the staff when hiring a van.If you have chosen to go with a man with a van company, the staff moving your belongings should have adequate training in the following areas:-    Packing the right items into the right size box-    Wrapping fragile property protectively  -    Handling fragile items-    Lifting correctly-    Using correct equipment to load and unload items-    Driving safely and getting your possessions to your house safelySo if you’re not up to the challenge of the most challenging and intense game of Tetris of your life, contacting a man with a van removal company may just be the way to go!