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Simple Steps to Renting a Van for Removals

When you are moving away there are a lot of things you have to consider. Among the first things you should take care of is renting a removals van. If you plan carefully this step you should not expect to have any problems.
Here is a list of the things you have to do in order to make things easier on the moving day:

Step1: Determine the day you are going to move:
It is important to have an exact day in your calendar when you will need the truck. However, I suggest that you don't pick an exact day, but rather have a number of possible days on which you may be moving. This will give you a little more flexibility, because you know you cannot plan absolutely everything. When you are picking a day to move, consider the following facts (1) It is more difficult to book a truck during the weekends, since a lot of companies don't work then, (2) plan you move during the second and third weeks of the month as they are easier to reserve than  the first and the last weeks. Knowing this, it will be much easier for you to pick up a day on which to move. When you are making a decision don't take only your personal preferences in mind, but consider all the options.

Step 2 : Consider how large truck you will need.
This is another thing you should have in mind, when renting a truck. In order to identify how large truck you will need, you should first measure your stuff. Consider , how big and large are they? Do you have a lot of belongings ? Do you have many stuff that probably would take a lot of space? Having estimated this , you should check what trucks are available for you and what their prices are. When you are choosing a truck , you should examine it and make sure that there are no damages and the truck is in good condition. The good news is that  most agencies can tell you how to choose a truck based on the size of the boxes and your stuff, so you don't have to do all the work.

Step 3: Choose your rental agency
First make a list of all the agencies , that are close to you . You need to call them and find out several things:
•    How many vans are available for your moving they
•    Find out what is the charge for the moving truck
•    Are there any guarantees the company can provide you with
•    Are there any additional fees and charges you will need to pay
Make sure that you have all these describes in  a written form and signed by the company's owner. This is like a written proof of the agreement you have made with the moving company from which you are renting the truck.

Step 4: The Moving Day
On the moving day, make sure that you are present when moves are loading your belongings in the truck. Have your inventory list , so you can check and assure that all your stuff will be transported. The last thing you should do before loading the luggage is to make sure to check your truck again for any damages. Try out the truck in a short distance to see that everything is in order.

Apparently, everything needs careful planning and organization , even so simple things as renting a truck to transport your luggage. To make sure that everything will go according to the plan, follow these simple steps.