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Protecting Your Finances and the Environment During a Move

Ordinary moving boxes are made of cardboard. The problem is that the creation of every box of this type inflicts severe damage to the eco-system. One thousand kilos of cardboard equals the destruction of more than fifteen trees. In addition, everything made of cardboard is significantly more costly. The reason for their high price except the profit of sellers is the way they harm the environment. So, the trick is to use old boxes again and again and recycle them once you don‘t need them anymore.


Old boxes are easy to be found even if you don‘t have any in your old basement or garage. It is not a difficult task. Just pay a visit to the local shops, stores for fruits, vegetables, flowers and even the mall. They are large working facilities operating with an enormous amount of money so if you ask nicely you will probably be given one or two spare boxes. Of course, as a sign of good will, you will accept them but be careful because they might be damaged.

Another way for you to get a lot of boxes is by creating an account on sites that give you the chance to advertise. There are countless customers logged on there who are in possession of free boxes. Just post an advertisement that you are looking for boxes and you will get a lot in no time. With those two methods you don‘t even need to pay for boxes. This way you save money and you save nature.

There are also other more simple ways to get boxes like simply asking your friends and family. Quite a lot of boxes can be found around trash containers but it is an unpleasant job so perhaps you should trust this option when all others have failed. Provided you don‘t want to use cardboard boxes at all you can always purchase plastic ones. They are cheaper, much more durable and you can use them over and over again. Also, stuff made by recycled matter are a lot cheaper so you can just spend a bit of money to help both yourself and the environment.

In many cases taking boxes for free from people who already used them is not such a bright idea because usually the boxes are not in a good condition and are often unusable. If this is the situation then your only option is to buy them yourself. When you go to the shop always ask for boxes that are made of recycled material. However, even if they do get you a recycled box it is not that much of a victory because the price is still the same and the recycled portion of the box‘s matter is too low to be in any way helpful to the environment. So, a more clever thing to do is to buy previously used boxes. If a box is on sale this means that it is usable. So go ahead and sign up on EcoBox and Used Cardboard Boxes-two websites that will offer your great prices.
All in all, if you care for our planet, you can follow the tips in this article to do some good for your own sake and the world's.