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Prepare your Family for the Move

You will probably be so caught up in the various difficulties of organizing your move that not much else will be on your mind for quite a while, but when you are totally immersed in the process, it can be quite an alien thing to deal with for the rest of your family, as they will often find the shift from regular life to one of upheaval quite difficult. This is alongside the fact that they will be leaving behind a lot, and having to deal with a lot of change in moving to a new area. You may think this is only really in reference to young children, but it will apply to older children, teenagers, as well as adults, like your other half, so it is important that you prepare your family for the move in more ways than just making sure that they have packed everything up! Firstly, there is the emotional aspect of the move. You should sit down with the family as often as possible to make sure that everyone is happy about the ways in which things are going on, so that no one in the family unit feels like they have to clam up and not speak their mind. This sort of thing can prevent anxiety in kids and adults alike, as you will likely be very much hell bent on getting the move right, so any opposition to the process may be squashed by the member of the family who feels differently, and this can be manifested in feelings of guilt or panic on their part. You should make sure that your children speak up about things that they do not want to leave behind, like friends or places, and try to accommodate these things. Making plans with their friends’ parents to do play dates in the future should make the move less terrifying, as they will have something to look forward to. Do all that you can to make sure these things actually happen, otherwise you will risk betraying your child’s trust. Essentially, moving house will often be a selfish move on your part in their eyes, as you are ruling your well-being over theirs, especially if they are in stark opposition to the move. Do all that you can to explain why the process will help the family rather than just being good for you as adults, and you will hopefully win round your kids to the point of understanding everything. While preparing for the move, you will likely be really busy, so try and make time for the whole family to get together and ignore the move for a bit. This will hopefully give you a chance to blow off some steam as well as giving the rest of the family time to enjoy your company and feel like the move hasn’t necessarily taken over your whole life! This kind of thing refers to your other half as well as your children, as if you are taking the lead role in organizing the move, then you may find that they start to feel little like they don’t get much of your attention for a while, which can be disastrous for your relationship, which is the last thing that you need when you’re trying to move house!Basically, make time for your loved ones, and do not let yourself become a stressed out monster because of the move. Make sure that your children understand why you have to move, and everything should be alright.