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Packing and Moving Expensive Paintings to EC1 in London

The system of the postcodes my seem very mystical for many people, until they realize that besides the letters and the numbers there are real districts and thousand of citizens living normal life. When you are offered to buy or rent a place, which is situated in an area with a postcode EC1, you may wonder for a little while what this means, but after short research you will see these are few very nice and welcoming districts in the British capital.

  The boundaries of the area are very well determined, unlikely many other parts of the town which are mingling with each other. On the east the limit goes to the Aldersgate Street. Many may have already heard about this famous street, as it is claimed for sure that on number 134 was the home of Shakespeare once. The boundary on the west is determined by the Rosebury Avenue and on to the south there are the Chriswell and Newgate Street. The Old Street marks the limit in north direction.

  When you are more interested from exactly which districts are included in the neighborhood with this postcode, it has to be said that these are Finsbury, Barbican and Clerkenwell and each of them has much to show to its residents.

   To move valuable and expensive paintings is one very resposible task to be done in every part of the world, including this district of London city. When you are wondering where to start from you should look for tips. The first advice you will be receiving is to take the canvas out of the frame and transport it that way. It is much safer though it looks too difficult. Hire a trained person to help with this step if you do not feel you are prepared enough for this move. Then after this is done the canvas have to be rolled like a pancake and put in a special cylinder box, which will protect it during the moving. Keep in mind that you do not have to seal the ends of the box too much, so it will be then impossible to be open for check at the airport. There is nothing special about this procedure and it is usual thing to be done from the airport security authorities for fine art pieces and any valuable items.

   When you have left only the frame, you can pack it anyway you find it proper and safe. A sheet of bubble wrap or simple packing paper and some tape will do just good.

  However you should know that this way of packing is not good for older paintings. It will probably be very hazardous to try to remove it, because the canvas can be damaged and thorn apart. In case you have to deal with such old and valuable paintings, you can pack them as they are with the frame. There are simple rules to follow in this case as well. You should not let the back of one painting touch the front of the other. The back may have sharp parts, which are holding the canvas to the frame which can damage the other picture. The better way is to put two paintings face to face. The frames will allow secure space, which will not let the two canvases rub into each other.

  Before you proceed to any moving of such items, pack them good in boxes or wrapping paper. In case you do not have the proper packaging, ask your removal company for any materials that are necessary for the situation.