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Moving to Another Country: Food for Thought

Moving from your UK home to a new home in a new country can be a very scary thing to do, regardless of how much you may want to do it, this fear of the unknown could be the thing that holds you back or trips you up along the way.  Moving house is always a worrying thing to do, keep this in mind, but once you have moved into your new home and settled in you are almost always happy you took that step, similar can be said of moving abroad.  If you consider the important things about the move and make your decisions early, then moving to another country doesn’t have to be any more stressful than moving to another part of the UK, however, if you fail to think about some of the following you may find yourself struggling for money and in extreme cases without a home.  First and foremost, in terms of actually moving from the UK to let’s say, France, this couldn’t be any easier now, there are even removal companies specialised in removals from the UK to another country, and because this is a desired service now the prices are much cheaper than you might think.  If one of the reason you are hesitating in moving abroad is that you think it is going to be very difficult and costly, then there is no need for concern, removal companies are always adapting to meet new demands and the demand to move abroad is ever increasing.   Further to helping you to move abroad they can also offer additional services that you could benefit from, such as a professional packing service and a storage services should your new home not be available when you arrive in your new country of residence.   Insurance is always included or offered when you deal with a reputable and well-established removals company, so if any of your things are damaged, broken or lost during transit, you will be covered and won’t need to pay a single penny to replace these. Now you know that there are professionals available to help you move home, let’s take a look at some of the other things that you need to consider:•    Before you make the move to living in another country, you should secure a job that you can start as soon as you arrive.  What would you do if you were to move abroad and months pass before you are able to find a job?  How would you pay the rent or mortgage on your new property?  What money would you have to live on?  This is an important one to think about.•    Some people choose to sell their UK home, others decide to rent it out.  The best thing you can do is to rent it out, at least for the first year or two of you living abroad.  This is the more stressful thing to do admittedly, and this is why most people sell their homes, they simply want rid, they want to move with a clean slate, but this isn’t the sensible thing to do.  Whilst a lot of people are happy in their new home abroad, there is still a high percentage of people who regret the move and want to move back to the UK, usually this is due to missing family and friends too much, but sometimes people simply miss living in the UK or dislike living in the country they have moved to.  If you were to become upset enough with where you are living to decide to make the move back to the UK it would be a huge relief to know that your old home is waiting for you, finding and securing a new home could take months and cost you money that you may not have (after recently buying a house abroad). •    Research your new country of residence and where your new job is to decide which area you should be living in.