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Moving Tips for Military Families

It is never easy to live with a military family. Aside from the low-paying job, living with a military family means constantly worrying about packing and moving. Fortunately, the government   pays for the moving expenses which help take the burden off the family's shoulders.
The military follows certain packing methods. The way items are packed should adhere to the protocols of the military. The advantage of this is to reduce the possibility of damages during transport. The military is known for its organizing capabilities, and packing for a move shouldn't be a lot different. Furthermore, there will be inspectors to check on how you move stuff. They will ensure the truck is loaded properly and the house will be left in good condition.
If however, your family does not live in the bases, then you could move any way you please. Even if there are no inspectors around, you must ensure that your possessions are packed and loaded correctly.
Portable Storage for Long Distance Moves
Packing up and moving long distances are very common to families in military. Since it can be difficult to watch possessions while on the move, the family can make use of a portable storage unit. Portable storage unit allows the family to pack at their own pace, ensuring there is enough time to pack everything properly. There are no ramps or stairs to walk up to as the units are placed on ground level. When everything is ready, the portable storage company will come to pick up the unit and deliver it to your destination.
If you are a part of a military family, you will have to frequently deal with the stress of moving. However, you can always make things a lot easier by hiring a portable storage unit. This option will ensure that all your items arrive safely and on time.