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Moving on a Rainy Day -- Tips to Shield Your Belongings

It has been raining since last week and now that the moving day has arrived, mother nature does not seem to cooperate. Don't despair; there are still a few things you can do to carry on with the hauling without worrying about damages. Here are some pointers to follow:
Wrap Furniture
Be sure to cover your furniture with bubble wrap or moving blankets. Covering your items will prevent water from soaking in or possibly damaging your precious belongings. Some of the items that may require extra covering include wooden or metal dressers, cabinets and furniture with fabric upholstery. It may take some time to wrap all the pieces but it can save tons of cash in the long run for you won't be required to fix the damages.
Protect the Floors
Rain creates mud, and since you will repeatedly enter and exit the doorway, you better have some protection for the floor so you can avoid slipping accidents. If you have a carpet, carpet shields may be used for mud protection. Hardwood and tile flooring on the other hand maybe protected with runners.
Loading Furniture
When it's time to move the boxes and furniture, place the boxes close to the garage. Or, park the truck close to the garage. This way, you won't get as wet since there is no need for you to walk long distance.