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Moving Home With The Elderly

Moving home is always going to be a serious undertaking, and when you throw in a curveball like an elderly relative, things can get pretty difficult! Whether you have an elderly person living with you or you are helping your elderly relative to move house themselves, you will need to be well aware of how the move is going to go ahead in order to ensure that they are well looked after, and that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Of course, everyone’s elderly relatives are different, and this guide does not claim to understand the complexities of the domestic removals process as experienced by you, but it does aim to cover some ground that may alert you to things that you may perhaps have overlooked previously. First off, be aware that some elderly people are not as confident in themselves as they once were. The onset of diseases that come with old age may make them nervous around people that they do not know, which means that introducing them to the removals team is essential. Ensuring that your relative is sure of themselves and comfortable at all times is your main charge, so the removal may have to take a little longer than it would if everyone involved was fit and spritely.Moving an older person out of their home can be quite distressing, especially if they have been there for a while. You will find no doubt, that there is a lot to be sorted through, and many decisions to make as to what gets kept and what is thrown away. You should try to be on hand to do these things with them, as doing such things alone may be a little upsetting, as well as a lot slower! Having a packing service may well speed things up, but you need to ensure that your relative is completely comfortable with having people in their home, packing their things up! It is wise to be around for the first couple of packing sessions, to be sure that all is going smoothly, and that the older person is getting on well with the removals service staff.Planning well and giving prior warning to the removals team will mean that certain issues are missed out. If a removals company arrives knowing what they have to deal with then things will be a lot easier from the get go, so make the call as early as possible. You will have to make allowances during the journey itself as well. Your removals company may have to speed on ahead with someone to let them in to the house, whilst you allow for rest breaks and stops to ensure that your elderly relative is comfortable. This includes having blankets and pillows on hand to ensure that they are never cold or cramped. You will know exactly what your relative is after by way of comfort, food and entertainment, so be sure to pack cleverly to keep them happy. Remember that the house that you arrive to will not be as hospitable as your previous home. The fact that everything will still be in boxes will mean that you need to pack a bag to make allowances for anything that happens on the move. A spillage that results in a wet shirt may be something that you can cope with, but it might be extremely uncomfortable for an older person, so pack spare clothes and ensure that you are prepared for the worst. Even if none of it happens, at least you are prepared!