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Moving Home - How to Unpack Without Getting Overwhelmed!

First unpack your necessary items. You should have packed most of the things you need to get through the next few things together, and they should be the first things out of the truck, or should have come with you in the car. Get this done right away, so you can be comfortable the first night in your new home.
2. Get the beds set up and put a set of linen on each.
3. Next unpack the kitchen. Hook up your most necessary appliances and put away your pots, pans and dishes first, and move on from there.
4. The bathroom is next. As with everything, the most important things come first. Hang the shower curtain and put the towels away. The toothbrushes and toothpaste should be already in there if they were in with your essential items that got unpacked first.
5. Make a plan of how you want to arrange your furniture before you do it. This will make it easier because you will only have to move each thing once. Arrange the furniture before you unpack the rest of the room. Start with the living room. Have each member of the family do their own bedrooms.
6. The garage is going to be one of the last rooms you unpack. Try to organize your space before you unpack. Definitely have a plan here. Purchase extra shelving and storage boxes if you need to.
7. Depending on the time of year, you may leave your lawn accoutrements packed. Even if it is a warm weather season, the grill, outside toys, and patio furniture can be unpacked at your leisure.
8. After all the essentials are done, take your time. Unpack so everything is the way you want it. Really think about it and get to know your space, it is all yours now.
9. Save hanging pictures and putting out other decorative items until the very last. Once all your furniture is arranged and you know where all your necessary items are going, you can unpack your own personal touches.
10. Enjoy your new home. You certainly did work hard for it.
Moving can be a tedious and lengthy process. As if packing and moving your things wasn't exhausting enough, it's not over until you unpack. It can be overwhelming to be exhausted and to be surrounded by boxes. As long as you remember to unpack in the order that you will need everything you should be just fine. You'll be relaxing in your new home before you know it!