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Make Unpacking a Bit Easier - Ten Ways How to Do It

It is so exciting when you are moving to a new place. However, there is one quite annoying task you need to get done before resting at the home of your dreams. You have probably already figured out that it is unpacking. It can be a game of nerves especially if you haven't made it easier for yourself.

How to do it - make an inventory. It is as simple as that. Spending a little more time while packing will save you so much more while unpacking.

So, first of all you should write down what items you put in which boxes. It is only logical that you put things from one room together. Make sure you label the boxes - "kitchen", "bathroom", etc. This way it will be a lot easier later, when you have to organize the items in your new house. Be careful, a key step to a faster unpacking is if you put your most important things in a box you have labeled "Essentials". This should be the last to load on the truck and the first to be unloaded.

Ok, now you know you've done all you need to at the point of packing. Now, let's get straight to the question - unpacking.
First: The first thing you should do once you are in your new house and the truck has already arrived is to place the boxes in the right rooms. It is much more organized that way and you won't waste time on that later.

Second: The box you should unpack first is the "Essentials" one. It contains all you need for the first several days in your new home. That includes pajamas, toilet paper, some clothes, toiletries, some towels, etc.  

Third: Make sure the electricity is connected by plugging the appliances you are going to use most in the next couple of days - TV, coffee machine, fan, etc.

Fourth: Unpack the "Kitchen" box. The kitchen as well as the bathroom will be the most used rooms while you're still settling. If you don't have enough time you can leave some items, such as special occasion dishes, for a bit later.

Fifth: Unpack the "Bathroom" box. It is a little easier than the kitchen one because it doesn't contain as many things.
Sixth: Unpack the "Bedroom" box. First of all, unpack the linens for each bedroom. This way if you don't make it on time at least you will have a place to sleep. Curtains can be left for the next morning.

Seventh: Unpack the "Living-room" box. This one should take a little while since it probably contains lots of things like photos, decoration, etc.

Eight: Arrange the furniture. This step takes some time especially if you haven't got any vision of how your new home should be arranged. On the other hand, if you do, this may be the easiest part of your moving.

Ninth: After you have unpacked all the boxes it is time to go back to the things you left aside for when you have time. Organize them. Even if it takes some time make sure they are all on the right places so you don't get confused where you've put them once you need them.

Tenth: Unpack the "Garage" box. The garage is the last room you need to get done because it contains things that are not of daily use.

That's it. You are now all set. Take your time and enjoy your new home!