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Is there a Difference between moving boxes and other cardboard boxes?

There are two significant differences between moving boxes and ordinary cardboard boxes. And we will take a look at each explanation in closer detail.

1.    Moving boxes are sturdier and stronger
The strength of cardboard boxes is measured in two different scales: Edge Crust Test (ECT) and Burst Strength Test (BST). ECT measures the capacity of a box to hold its form when stacked upon one another while BST measures the capacity of the box to hold form with contents. In both tests, moving boxes score higher, proving that they are better options for the demands of a house move.
2.    Moving boxes take in many forms to accommodate specific items. Specialty boxes often used for household move include:
•    Wardrobe boxes - These are large and tall boxes with built-in bars, allowing you to hang clothing to prevent damage or wrinkling.
•    Dish packs - Also referred to as cell boxes, dish packs feature compartments for organized packing of kitchen items.
•    Picture frame boxes - These boxes are large, wide and flat. These boxes are recommended for moving frames, mirrors and other flat glass ornaments.
•    File boxes - Files boxes are helpful in moving documents and other important files. You might ask, ‘what do you need files boxes for if you have file cabinets at home?' File cabinets are heavy and it can be incredibly difficult to move them with contents. File boxes provide protection of documents while the cabinet is being moved.