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How to Rent an Apartment without a Job and Poor Credit

Nowadays, you usually have to go through a lengthy, approval process before you can rent an apartment. Oftentimes, people are required to have good credit records and should hit certain levels of income to prove they can sustain the monthly rentals of the flat.  So how can you rent an apartment if you have poor credit rating and unemployed? Get a cosigner This is common to for students who rent apartments and get their parent to cosign with them. Most students don't have regular income and may have barely established a credit rating. A cosigner can be anyone, as long as they have certifiable income and reasonable credit score. Show your assets Being unemployed and having poor credit doesn't mean you have no money and assets. Your assets may include money market accounts, stocks, CD,'s, and other tangible, sellable items. Show these to your manager and try to negotiate for a deal. Point out the fact that you can pay for the unit while looking for a job.   Offer advanced payments If possible, pay 3 months in advance so your landlord knows you can pay and you have the money available. Your manager will find it is hard to say no to you when you have the money for the rent upfront. Find a garage apartment Garage apartments are easy to get into. Most of these units do not conduct income and credit history checks mostly because the landlords are no business pros but ordinary home owners. If you pay your rent accordingly, take this opportunity to start building or rebuilding good credit scores.