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How to Reduce Moving Stress

It is a rare thing indeed to meet someone who hasn’t at some point had a supremely stressful time moving – whether it’s to a new residence or office, or simply having unwanted/excess items moved from their home to a dump or storage facility rental place. However, the days of stressful moving are surely behind all of us given the sheer number of quality professional removal companies on the market right now. Professional movers of every size and variety seem to have finally cracked the idea that the way to keep customers loyal and returning is to not only move items expertly from A to B (and even C in some cases), but minimise the stress levels of the people they serve before, during and after moving day! However, as removal firms are quite so profuse, the widespread availability of professional moving services also creates the problem of there being almost too much choice. Similarly, many people are seeking removal van rental solutions so they can conduct moving operations themselves – but there are, again, a shedload of places offering van hire services to pick from. We encounter many people who are struggling to choose which professional movers to hire – and we decided to put together this guide to assist them. If you’re in the same boat, why not give it a read? It could help you too! A key way of reducing stress on moving day is to have access to a reliable, clean and top of the range moving van. Whether you’re renting, or having a firm do all the tough work, this is absolutely crucial. You can always tell a good firm from a bad firm by the quality of their moving vehicles, and how many they have. The less well kept a firm’s moving vans, the less good the firm is. It’s almost an exact science. The best professional home movers will refurbish and revitalise their vans after every job, and invest in new vehicles when the old ones become obsolete or outdated. You can’t take the risk that your cargo – whatever its contents – could be damaged in transit by a shoddy removal van company. Also, vans in bad condition are evidence that the staff of a removal firm aren’t invested in their work – and if they keep the removal vans they drive and lease in that condition, heaven knows how they’ll treat your possessions! You need a professional moving business you can trust to handle your loads with care and respect. We can’t say enough about the positives of using man and van services. However, many firms specifically offer man with a van services, and we recommend you go this route, rather than approaching individuals. Whilst it may be a tad cheaper to hire an independent man and van services provider, there’s too much risk involved. An individual man with a van won’t be able to offer you legitimate contracts, whilst the most established firms will offer signed agreements (which establish and clearly articulate terms and conditions, and clearly state what their responsibilities and objectives will be) to their customers at a minimum. It’s also best to deal with a firm which has an established address, and is registered with Companies House, because in the unfortunate event that there’s a disagreement or dispute between you and the professional moving firm, you will have clear channels through which to seek redress. Clean vehicles, smartly dressed movers and drivers, a readiness to provide references and a transparent and comprehensive costing quotations are all hallmarks of a trustworthy removal services firm.