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How to Pack and Move the Attic

An important step of packing and moving, but one we tend to forget or delay until the last minute, is the removal of the attic. Cleaning, organizing and packing up this space is usually the most tiresome and time-consuming part of a move. Because this area, much like the garage or basement, tends to be used for storage above anything, it gets cluttered up very easily. And if, like in many households, your attic hasn't seen a major cleaning in more than a year, the task of organizing everything may be overwhelming at first. Do not fret however, if you divide the big job into smaller tasks and manage your time accordingly, you can be done with this fairly easily.

1.    Plan your time. What are you going to have to do? How much time will each step take? Consider how big and how cluttered your attic is, so that you can plan accordingly. Be careful to give yourself a bit of leeway with each step, in case it takes longer than estimated, as often happens.

2.    Begin emptying out the space. As you're doing this, sort all of your belongings. Throw away and recycle as many things as possible. When deciding what to part with, keep in mind the following questions. Have you used this item in the last three months? Does this item have any sentimental value for you? If the answer to both questions is no, you should probably part with it. Keep in mind that any electronics and chemicals should be taken to the appropriate recycling collection points. These can be easily looked up online. Many large electronic stores also run recycling collection points for electronics and you may also be able to get a discount on future purchases. In addition to throwing out as many items as you can, you should also sort through the rest. For example, anything that you no longer use, but is still in good condition, should be donated. Pack these items away in clearly marked boxes or bags and take them to a nearby charity shop or collection point. Last are the items you will be keeping. These should be wiped and cleaned before being taken out of the attic. Take out all of the items you're planning to keep before beginning to pack them away. This is done, so that you can plan how to arrange them in boxes, so as to best utilize the space.

3.    Pack every box in a way that allows the least amount of movement for the items inside. This will ensure that your belongings do not shift and do not get damaged during transportation. Additionally, wrap any breakable items in bubble wrap and mark the boxes as fragile.

4.    Remember to distribute the weight of your stuff equally, or at least as equally as possible. Try to put small items in the same box as larger ones whenever possible. This will not only ensure that you're using up the space as efficiently as possible, but it will also save you or the movers from having to carry any exceptionally heavy boxes.

5.    Keep in mind that if anything needs to be uninstalled or disassembled (such as bookshelves or large pieces of furniture) you should leave these tasks to the movers. However, make sure that this is all arranged and agreed upon beforehand. Do not expect the movers to perform any tasks that you haven't paid for.

6.    After everything is loaded in the moving van, it's now time to relax for a moment, before proceeding to the next step of your relocation.