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How to Maximize the Use of Van Rentals

Aside from packing your things properly, you can actually save your belongings from loss and damage by following the right loading and unloading techniques. By doing so, you even save van space and money as well.
Using boxes is the best way to maximize vehicle space. By using boxes, you can use the vehicle space from top to bottom easily. You would not have to fill empty spaces in between them either. Doing so would even make your things safer since there would be less space for shifting and shaking during transit. Doing so also minimizes the space requirement so you would not need to rent a bigger vehicle. So using boxes saves you money and make your things safer too. Just make sure that you use appropriate boxes when packing. Always load the heaviest box first. Place them at the bottom and put lighter boxes on the top level.
Use linens, pillows and other soft materials to protect your furniture and appliances from scratch and damage. To seal them you can use shrink wraps too. Then to maximize the available space, you can fill the empty spaces with smaller items. Narrows spaces can be filled with frames and mirrors too. By maximizing the use of the available space, you end up saving money as well.