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How to Keep in Pace with the Move

Packing is the most uninteresting part of the move. What's worse is that it is also one of the most time consuming tasks when moving. With the many things to pack, it can be overwhelming. The trick really is to be organized so you can accomplish it properly and in time for the move.
Before even packing, you should make sure that you already have all the packing materials required. But to be able to do this you should assess all the things you need to pack first. To minimize the things to pack though, discard things you no longer need by giving them away or selling them. You can segregate them for awhile too. Once you already know the amount of things, you can estimate and buy the packing materials such as boxes, markers, tapes, packing peanuts and wraps.
At packing time, you should start with the things you will not use immediately. Then you should pack the things that are very essential to your everyday life last. It would be more orderly if you put the packing materials in each room first. Then come packing time all you have to do is to pack by rooms.
It is also important that you label all boxes as to where each goes. To do so you can assign colors for each room so things will be easier come unloading time. You should also include an inventory so you will know where to find things. Again, this would make unpacking easier later on. By packing properly, you don't only make your things safer. You also make unpacking faster.