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Eco-Friendly Removals and Why to Choose them

These days I think we are all quite well aware of how good it is to go green, not only are we saving our lovely planet from destruction in the long run but also we can dramatically reduce the cost of living in the here and now! Eco-friendly removals has its perks, it’s a great way to allow us to do our bit when it comes to becoming more energy efficient and also it’s like a stack of dominos once one person pushes it the rest will no doubt follow, which can only be a great thing for the future! Why Hire Eco-Friendly to help you move? FuelWhen it comes to moving and hiring the services of a removal company we need to consider what is actually involved. First and foremost the transporting of the goods could be as little as a few streets away or as far as the other side of the world so fuel consumption has the potential to be huge. If you are moving internationally it makes sense to go green to help to reduce this, however if everybody had the same mindset when it comes reducing carbon emissions you can see the advantages for even smaller journeys, the more people that do it, the better and more effective it would be! PackagingAnother importance that certainly needs to be considered is the amount of packaging and boxes that are involved when it comes to packing up a house or office for removals! Lots of Wadding, stuffing and cardboard boxes are required to ensure your goods are protected from any damage during transit, and no doubt once those items are un-packed we accumulate lots of waste, which ultimately ends up in our all ready overloaded landfill sites.It only makes sense to opt for recycled packaging in this situation and it makes even more sense to send it for recycling afterwards. How do I check if the company is really as Eco-friendly as they say?Well now that you have decided to go green, and good for you! You may as well do it properly. To ensure that the company are doing all they can to be energy efficient, and since they are promoting to be, you should check for the following points listed below,•    LPG should be fitted to the vehicle. Liquid Petroleum Gas is a system that helps to reduce 20% less CO2 than what petrol would. Now, that may not seem like much however if all haulage companies did this, the greater the effect! At the moment this system is available for most haulage and removal companies and if the company is promoting as being more Eco efficient, they should have this in place!•    Without a doubt if this company offers a packing service they should be using recycled packaging and furthermore if you use their packing service they should be willing to come and collect it afterwards and take it back to the recycling plant!•    A good environmentally efficient removal company will have a satellite navigation system in their vehicle. Now you may not consider this a need for being ‘good to go green’ however it’s actually very viable. If you think about the amount of times you may have got lost when on route to a new place then consider how much fuel you waste in doing so which is why it’s extremely important that company have one! Where to find Eco-Friendly companies?Finding environmentally efficient companies for your removals is easy, simply go online and discover 100’s of companies spread far wide across the country as well as local newspapers and TV advertising.