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Are You Planning a Move? Renting Moving Trucks versus Hiring Storage Pods

Nobody wants to go through a scenario where a removals company will bill them with astronomical charges related to a move. If your things get lost or damaged during the transport process, that is another thing that you would have to deal with as well. These and more are the reasons why it pays to carefully choose which removals company to hire when planning a move. Basically, you can hire the removals company to simply do the hauling of the already packed boxes for you. Or, you can hire them to professionally pack your things, move and unpack them at your new address.
How Do You Go About Renting Moving Trucks?
If you do not want to go for the option of hiring a removals company, you can simply rent a moving truck and conduct your own move. Naturally, you would need the help of friends or family who can assist you in loading the boxes from your existing house onto the truck; then unload the boxes from the truck into your new home.
There are a few pros and cons when going for this option which includes:
    You need to be able to drive a big moving van or truck.
Even if you're used to handling big vehicles, driving a moving van or truck can still be quite a challenge. Before going for this option, make sure that you or someone you know will be able to handle the challenge of driving such vehicles.
    You need to gas up!
Aside from the fuel that you will use to get from point A to point B, you also need to fill up the tank according to the specifications of the moving truck or van rental company. If not, you would have to pay penalties which can add up to quite a lot of money.
    Pick up and drop off points are required.
To get the truck prior to the move, you have to pick it up at a certain point and the same thing applies when you have to return it. It seems as if there are penalties when entering a deal to rent a moving truck or van because if you return the vehicle later than expected, you would have to pay fines, too.
How about Hiring Storage Pods when Moving?
If you do not like the idea of hiring moving trucks, another option is to rent moving and storage pods. These are easier to load and unload during the moving process. As compared to renting moving trucks where time is of the essence, renting storage pods will give you plenty of time to pack and load your things. As compared to renting moving trucks, hiring storage pods may also be cheaper.
At the end of the day, choosing among getting the services of a removals company, renting moving trucks or hiring storage pods all have their pros and cons. Decide which one works best for you based on your budget and the number of boxes that you need to move from one point to another.