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A Systematic Packing Plan for Your Move

It's natural to feel ecstatic about moving into your dream home. But that doesn't mean you can randomly throw your possessions into the boxes. You need a system to ensure that everything is moved effectively.  Here are some ways in which you can systematically pack your possessions.
1.    Pack one room at a time. Start with last season clothing or items that you will not need until the moving day.
2.    Make an inventory of all your possessions. Be sure to label the boxes as well with the contents so you can easily check any missing item.
3.    Use durable boxes. Used boxes from grocery stores are good enough for another use. When loading boxes, be sure that it is dense so you can pile more boxes over it. Secure it with packing tape to keep items from sliding off.
4.    Do not overload the boxes. Never fill the box with too many stuff. Otherwise, it will become so heavy you won't be able to carry it. Spread the heavy goods over some boxes and put lighter items over.
5.    Use padding for extra support and protection. You can use bubble wrap, wadded newsprint or moving blankets. If there are few items inside the box, fill it with padding to prohibit shifting during the trip.
6.    Label the box according to the room it belongs to. Also label boxes containing breakable items ‘fragile'.
7.    Pack a separate box containing all your essentials. You will need this box on your first few nights in your new home. Be sure to include water, food, clothing, knife and tools in your essentials box.