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A Few Steps of How to Move out Big Stuff!

When moving, this might be considered as one of the biggest problems that need to be solved. One way or another, packing and piling all those boxes and cases is easier to be handled. But for bigger things like your furniture, you will need a special plan, and of course - special preparation. Now I will try to make your life easier and tell you some things that did help me.

Definitely one of the first things to do when you are about to move your big stuff is taking down their measures. Knowing the exact dimensions of every larger subject will help you calculate if you are able to fit it in your van or truck, or not. It's always better to write the measures taken somewhere. This will help you later, when after a few objects' sizes are taken, you can try to "play Tetris" and arrange them one next to the another in the way they will go in the loading room best. Ah yes - and don't forget to measure also the sizes of the loading space you have in hand.

There are several ways for you to measure your big stuff before transporting them. I suggest you do that in cubic meters. Especially if the vehicle you are going to use is a closed tent or a container truck, it is really best to use the cubic meters. That is why most of the bigger objects do not have a right and if you take down their length, width and height, that make play you a bad joke and it may confuse all of your plans of gathering all these stuff in one time.

If you use a platform for their transport (an open truck), it is good enough to calculate how long and wide your things are, because you don't have limit for loading in height and you can freely use the best side to load the objects on. But you better know what the maximum height is allowed by the law, so you can escape some problems with the authorities.

Also, when moving something big, be sure to use some fastening belts and ropes. Be sure to secure your "load" very good, before you start your engine. If you use ropes, I would advice you to put something where the sharp edges of the objects are. This will prevent them from damaging in the time of the transport and if they are tightened well to one another, they won't move.
And now, after you have the recipe for transporting your big stuff safely, it is time to think of someone who will help you load all these. A friend in need is a friend indeed, they say. Well, this is in full charge for this need of yours. Ask a close friend you can count on to help you pack, load, secure and unload your furniture, piano or something else bigger than yourself. If your friend has his own truck, you can really hit the jackpot! And don't forget to have a beer after!

Of course, you can save all these long and complicated calculations by simply hiring a professional company do the job! Those boys have their own style, they have the experience, the materials, and they know how the things have to be done. You can just sit back and let them carry the heavy furniture. Well, all of these benefits will cost you some money.

So after all it's all up to you to decide if to move the big one all by yourself, or let a company do it for you.