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5 Tips in Informing People about your Move

Besides packing for a move, informing people and organisations of your new address is another stressful process. Communication is essential wherever you go, and it is only if you inform them of your change of address and phone numbers will you be able to maintain communication with your near and dear ones.   1. The best thing to do before a move is to create a checklist of all the people and organisations you have to inform about your move.   2. You can remember better if you break up your list into different segments like financial, medical, work, car, shopping, entertainment, children, personal and the utilities.   3. The best and cheap way of informing them is through postcard mailing. Though emails may prove to be cheaper as they don't cost a penny, many a time emails get deleted accidentally.   4. There are websites offering cute postcards meant for use in change of address. However make sure you proofread your card before printing them as a single mistake can cost a bundle.   5. If you prefer sending emails, use Application Service Providers to do so. Although you have to pay a monthly fee for it, you are ensured that your emails pass spam filters and that your email reaches your recipient's inbox.   Last but not least, you have to have websites that have your house listed on them remove your listing from their sites.