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5 Moving Tips that Saves Time and Money

It is never easy to move houses. Aside from the emotional stress it brings, it can also take up huge chunk of your budget and time. Luckily, there are some things you can do to save yourself a bit of both.
Start early - People don't usually realize how big the packing task is until they start sorting their belongings. If you begin early, you are less likely to hastily toss stuff on their way into the boxes.
Decide what stays and what goes -  Aside from the time and money, you also get to save tons of space by throwing out the junk and stuff you know you will never use. Consider donating the items you don't need to a charity or give them to relatives.
Hire Movers or Not? - Determine whether you need the assistance movers or not. Obviously, you can save a lot of money if you choose to do everything in your own. But it can be painstaking and more time consuming if you don't have extra hands to help. Try asking relatives and friends if they can assist you for the move.
Gather packing supplies - Packing supplies are something you should never fall short of when preparing for a move. Be sure you have boxes, markers, packing tape and bubble wrap. Boxes are often available on supply stores but if you are short on budget, consider requesting for boxes at a local liquor store or supermarket.
Pack by Room - Pack by room to make sure nothing is left out. Put labels on the box so they don't mix with other items. Once you reach your new home, your movers can easily identify where to place the boxes because of their labels.