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About Us

With most family businesses you tend to start with a small, local project and then look to expand it nationally before perhaps going further and tackling international markets. However, when we set up shop as a small company in London a decade ago, we ended up doing things in reverse.

At the time we were responding to a demand in the market for a specialist to be able to take care of the heightened demands of helping people move from London across to Ireland. Despite there being a number of removals companies, very few were able to offer a service which was sensitive to the needs of customers who are looking to cross borders and seas in a bid to relocate their family or business. However, after we had perfected this art it became apparent that there was a demand more locally from people looking to move around London or the rest of the UK for the level of detail that we paid, and as a result, we expanded in reverse, taking on the local markets as well.

We wanted to attack the idea of moving stress from two angles. The first was price. We know that money is tight and the frustration that many people have had with other moving companies is that the initial quote pays little or no resemblance to the price that they pay. This can be either because of poor planning which results in the need for additional vehicles or manpower, or more often because of hidden surcharges and add on fees. We wanted to avoid this at all costs, so when you call us, you get a free quote which includes our unique removals assessment process. This accurately measures and calculates the space you will need and the number of team members it is practical to have on the site. The price we quote you is the price you pay; no more no less. We keep it simple so that you don’t have to worry about the costs spiraling out of control.

The second area however that we felt we could make a real difference was when it came to services. In a further bid to keep it simple, we realised very early on that it was important to you that you were able to have everything you needed under one roof. Whether you need it or not, it is reassuring to know that you only need one number should you require cleaning services, packing services and storage solutions. All of these were designed with the long distance move in mind, but with our London customers so short on time between work and family life, they have proved a welcome addition, allowing you the time you need to relax and enjoy your move without any of the anxiety. In addition of course, it means that you only have to deal with one company - one that you trust and one thatwill give you a single, easy to process price at the end of it.

The big difference though is our staff. We only hire on the basis of their attitude, so the fact that they respect you, your family, your colleagues and your possessions is of the upmost importance for us. From your point of view, this translates to an immaculate attention to detail and obsessive tidiness, as every member of the team looks to give you a stress free move.

So whether you are moving across to Ireland, up and down the UK or even just down the street, if you want a stressless service from a leading UK removals company, all you have to do is call our call centre staff on 020 8746 9615 for your first taste of our friendly customer service.